Weekly Recap: Market Turmoil, Bitcoin ETF Inflows, Political Maneuvers, and Insights from Money 20/20

Weekly Recap: Market Turmoil, Bitcoin ETF Inflows, Political Maneuvers, and Insights from Money 20/20

In this week’s recap, we delve into a series of pivotal events: significant market volatility, notable activity in Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, intensifying global regulatory actions, major industry expansion efforts, and key takeaways from the Money 20/20 conference.

Market Uncertainties

Last week, the crypto markets experienced substantial volatility. Binance Coin (BNB) surged to a new all-time high above $711, driven by increased trading volume and heightened interest. Bitcoin reached the $69,000 mark, buoyed by large institutional investments. VanEck projected a $22,000 price target for Ethereum by 2030, anticipating the approval of Ethereum ETFs.

Gaming tokens also saw a significant boost, with their market capitalization surpassing $30 billion due to increased mainstream adoption, innovative developments, and strategic partnerships. A GameStop-inspired meme coin skyrocketed by 300% after the influential trader Roaring Kitty resurfaced on the social media platform X. However, meme coins later faced steep losses, with many dropping over 10% following the crash of GameStop’s stock.

The overall crypto market faced a sharp decline, losing $96 billion in market capitalization after a strong U.S. jobs report fueled concerns about potential interest rate hikes.

Strategic ETF Moves

Ark Invest exited the Ether ETF race last week, while 21Shares rebranded its fund to focus on other strategic investment opportunities. ProShares sought approval from the SEC for a spot Ethereum ETF on the New York Stock Exchange, aiming to offer investors direct exposure to Ethereum. Despite market fluctuations, Bitcoin ETFs continued to attract inflows, totaling $131 million on June 7. These products experienced 19 consecutive days of positive net flows.

Trump Sustains Support

Following his conviction, former President Donald Trump maintained his support for the crypto industry, presenting himself as a crypto advocate in a bid to garner votes from the sector.

Legal Actions, Disputes, and Regulatory Concerns

The New York Attorney General filed a lawsuit against crypto firms NovaTechFX and AWS Mining, alleging a $1 billion fraud. Amidst U.S. lawmakers’ outcry, Nigerian Minister of Information Mohammed Idris defended the trial of detained Binance executive Tigran Gambaryan, emphasizing the necessity of legal proceedings. Former U.S. federal agents petitioned for Gambaryan’s release, stressing the need for due process and fair treatment. In Asia, Hong Kong’s HKMA warned the public about the unregulated status of KuCoin, advising caution when dealing with the crypto exchange.

Industry Collaborations, Acquisitions, and Expansion

The industry saw significant growth prospects last week. Friend.tech collaborated with Conduit to launch Friendchain, a blockchain aimed at enhancing social media interactions and transactions. Bitcoin miner Riot Platforms acquired a 12% stake in Bitfarms, strengthening its position in the mining sector. Robinhood announced plans to acquire Bitstamp for $200 million, marking a major step in expanding its crypto business. Kraken revealed plans for a pre-IPO raise of $100 million to bolster its financial position ahead of a potential IPO.

Money 20/20 Unveils Projections, Insights, and Hurdles

Ripple President Monica Long announced that Ripple’s stablecoin is likely to launch this year. Long criticized the SEC at Money 20/20, noting that it poses significant challenges for companies trying to establish themselves in the U.S. Further discussions at the conference highlighted the need for the tokenization industry to address interoperability issues to ensure seamless integration across different blockchain platforms. Industry leaders argued that traditional financial institutions must merge with blockchain technology to remain competitive in the evolving financial landscape.


This week’s developments highlight the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the cryptocurrency industry. From market volatility and strategic ETF moves to regulatory challenges and industry expansion, the sector continues to evolve rapidly. Insights from the Money 20/20 conference underscore the importance of innovation and regulatory clarity in fostering sustainable growth in the crypto space.

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