StarkWare Plans to Scale Bitcoin Without Forking or Creating New Token

StarkWare Plans to Scale Bitcoin Without Forking or Creating New Token

StarkWare, the innovative force behind Starknet, has announced its strategy to extend its scaling technology to the Bitcoin network without necessitating a fork or the creation of a new token. This move aims to bring scalability solutions to Bitcoin while continuing its primary mission of enhancing Ethereum’s efficiency through validity rollups and ZK proofs.

In a June 7 X post, the blockchain developer, valued at $8 billion, reiterated its commitment to scaling Ethereum in 2024, emphasizing that its objective has always been to utilize STARK proofs to improve the scalability and integrity of trusted blockchains.

“Our goal, consistent since the initiation of Starknet, is to develop STARK proofs to enhance the scalability and integrity of blockchains that we believe in.” — StarkWare

Starknet’s plan is to support both the Ethereum and Bitcoin communities by acting as an execution layer that scales both networks simultaneously. This approach eliminates the need for creating a new layer or exclusive token for Bitcoin. Instead, the security, governance, and ecosystem of Starknet will continue to be driven by the STRK token.

“StarkWare won’t fork Starknet to create a new layer on Bitcoin or establish an exclusive token for the Bitcoin ecosystem. Instead, Starknet will (try to) act as an execution layer that scales both Bitcoin and Ethereum simultaneously. Its security, governance, and ecosystem will all be driven by the STRK token.” — StarkWare

The initiative to integrate ZK scaling into Bitcoin is part of a broader strategy to address the scalability challenges faced by major blockchains. StarkWare aims to leverage its proven technology from the Ethereum network to create a unified layer that settles transactions on both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The development of this solution is expected to be completed within six months, contingent on the potential Bitcoin upgrade known as OP_CAT, which aims to integrate smart contracts into the Bitcoin ecosystem. This ambitious project underscores StarkWare’s dedication to pioneering scalable and secure blockchain solutions without the need for disruptive forks or new tokens.

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