Bitcoin Price Prediction Amid Millionaire Trader’s Bearish Forecast: Potential Drop to $40,000

Bitcoin Price Prediction Amid Millionaire Trader’s Bearish Forecast: Potential Drop to $40,000

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at $69,300, reflecting a modest increase of less than 0.10%. However, the market is abuzz following a recent tweet from millionaire trader Zoran Kole (@Captain_Kole1), which has introduced a new layer of uncertainty to Bitcoin’s price prediction.

Millionaire Trader Predicts BTC Could Plummet to $40,000

Zoran Kole, a well-known trader on Twitter under the handle @Captain_Kole1, posted a cryptic tweet referencing “$44,444,” Bitcoin’s yearly opening price. His brief message, “I’m sorry,” implies a bearish outlook, suggesting Bitcoin might revisit or even drop below this level. This prediction has caused concern among investors and traders, as it hints at a substantial potential decline from its current trading levels around $69,300. Kole’s forecast adds to the existing market uncertainty, prompting closer scrutiny of Bitcoin’s support and resistance levels amidst broader market conditions.

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Currently trading at $69,300, Bitcoin shows a slight increase of less than 0.10%. The critical support level is at $68,700, where an upward trendline suggests a possible bullish reversal, maintaining a positive outlook for Bitcoin’s price prediction.

However, Bitcoin faces immediate resistance at $69,600 and $69,750, with additional resistance at $70,650. The 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA), situated at $69,600, is a crucial level that Bitcoin needs to surpass to confirm a bullish trend.

In summary, the current outlook indicates selling below $69,700 and buying above $68,700, depending on price movements around these critical levels.

Innovative Projects Like PlayDoge (PLAY) Gain Traction Amid Bitcoin Volatility

While Bitcoin navigates market volatility, new and innovative projects like PlayDoge (PLAY) are gaining attention. PlayDoge is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency currently in its presale phase, having raised $3.33 million out of its $3.74 million goal. This promising token offers a Doge-themed Tamagotchi-style game with crypto-enabled play-to-earn mechanics. Players can breed, trade, and take their virtual Shiba Inu dogs on missions, earning PLAY tokens, with a maximum supply of 9.4 billion. The current presale price is $0.00505 per token.

Key Details of PlayDoge:

  • Funds Raised: $3.33 million
  • Token Supply: 9.4 billion PLAY
  • Presale Price: $0.00505 per token

As more game details emerge, interested investors can participate in the presale on the PlayDoge website. Early investment is advantageous, as the presale price increases with each stage, potentially leading to significant gains once the game launches and PLAY tokens are listed on exchanges.


Bitcoin’s current trading environment is marked by volatility and the potential for significant price movements. The prediction by Zoran Kole that Bitcoin could fall to $40,000 adds a new dimension of uncertainty. Meanwhile, innovative projects like PlayDoge are capturing investor interest, offering opportunities for substantial gains. As always, investors should stay informed and consider both the risks and rewards in this dynamic market landscape.


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