Aptos Integrates dWallet to Boost Multi-Chain Operability in DeFi and Web3 Gaming

Aptos Integrates dWallet to Boost Multi-Chain Operability in DeFi and Web3 Gaming

Aptos, the layer-1 blockchain, has integrated with the multi-chain-focused protocol dWallet to enhance the user experience in decentralized finance (DeFi) and web3 gaming. This collaboration aims to introduce Zero Trust Protocols (ZTPs) to Aptos, bolstering native multi-chain interoperability within its ecosystem.

Omer Sadika, co-founder of dWallet Network, emphasized that this partnership will enable users to conduct native Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) transactions on the Aptos chain without the need for bridging or token wrapping. “This significantly broadens horizons for DeFi and gaming,” Sadika noted, marking a significant step towards realizing a fully integrated multi-chain future.

dWallet Network employs a cryptographic 2PC-MPC (Two-Party Computation-Multi-Party Computation) model that incentivizes on-chain participation from both end-users and multiple validators. This model is designed to onboard more individuals and clients into the DeFi space.

Professor Benny Pinkas, an Aptos researcher, expressed his enthusiasm about the integration. “Iā€™m excited about developers in the Aptos ecosystem being able to develop ZTPs that operate seamlessly across all of Web3 in a cryptographically secure way,” Pinkas remarked, praising the collaboration as a progressive move for the L1 network.

Aptos, which launched in October 2022, is a non-Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible layer-1 platform. It is known for its quick, low-cost transactions and reduced energy requirements, thanks to its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. This new integration with dWallet is expected to further enhance its capabilities and user experience in the rapidly evolving DeFi and web3 gaming sectors.

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