Cometh and Transak Partner to Launch Direct Fiat-to-Layer 3 Crypto Onboarding

Cometh and Transak Partner to Launch Direct Fiat-to-Layer 3 Crypto Onboarding

In a groundbreaking move, Cometh and Transak have partnered to offer the first-ever direct fiat-to-Layer 3 blockchain onboarding solution, significantly speeding up the process for users. This partnership enables players of Cometh’s game, Cosmik Battle, to purchase cryptocurrency directly via credit card, enhancing their gaming and transactional experience.

The integration allows players to quickly buy Ethereum (ETH) and engage in the NFT marketplace on Muster, Cometh’s Arbitrum Orbit, without needing intermediary tokens or complex bridging processes. Previously, users faced numerous hurdles to transfer funds to Muster, but this new collaboration streamlines the process, making transactions much more efficient and user-friendly.

According to a Cometh press release, the Transak-Cometh partnership aims to eliminate the complications that often deterred users from participating in blockchain-based gaming. By simplifying the process of purchasing crypto with fiat, the partnership addresses a major challenge faced by dApp developers and Layer 3 blockchains by offering a direct protocol-level interaction method.

How It Works

The process for purchasing crypto on Muster L3 within Cosmik Battle is straightforward:

  1. Purchase ETH: Users can buy ETH directly within the game using Transak One.
  2. Transfer ETH: Transak sends the ETH to the user’s smart wallet on Muster via Cometh’s Arbitrum One smart contract.
  3. Complete Transaction: The transaction is completed in under two minutes, providing quick access to funds for marketplace activities on Muster.

This streamlined method bypasses the previous need to purchase cryptocurrency on a Layer 2 solution and bridge it to Muster’s chain, which was often a deterrent for users.

About Transak and Cometh

Transak is a leading Web3 payments infrastructure provider, serving millions of users across 160 countries and powering over 350 platforms for digital asset transactions.

Cometh is a prominent blockchain company that offers a Web3 development platform, enabling the integration of Web3 capabilities into games and applications. Their products include SDKs for a biometric wallet, marketplace, NFT checkout, and Web3-enabled games like Cosmik Battle.

This partnership marks a significant advancement in the blockchain gaming sector, providing a seamless and efficient way for players to engage with digital assets directly within their gaming environment.

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