Cathie Wood at Consensus 2024: Declares Bitcoin as ‘Unstoppable’

Cathie Wood at Consensus 2024: Declares Bitcoin as ‘Unstoppable’

At Consensus 2024, Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, delivered a resounding endorsement of Bitcoin, asserting its unparalleled significance and potential in the cryptocurrency landscape.

During a panel discussion, Wood articulated her strong preference for Bitcoin (BTC), describing it as a “big idea” that is “unstoppable.” She emphasized Bitcoin’s resilience, noting its decentralized nature and lack of a single point of control. “There’s no throat to choke,” Wood stated, contrasting Bitcoin with Facebook’s Libra, which she deemed vulnerable due to its centralized structure.

Wood highlighted Bitcoin’s unique position among cryptocurrencies, arguing that no other digital asset matches its potential and importance. She underscored the necessity of upholding Bitcoin’s core principles, such as decentralization and self-custody, particularly in light of the recent approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF.

Cathie Wood on the Spot Ethereum ETF Approval

Wood also addressed the surprising approval of the spot Ethereum ETF, calling it “shocking” and attributing it to a growing pro-crypto sentiment within the U.S. government. She noted that many, including herself, had expected the ETF to be denied, citing recent political developments and former President Donald Trump’s favorable stance towards cryptocurrency as influential factors.

The rise of cryptocurrency as a critical election issue in the United States was another focal point for Wood. She suggested that as voters increasingly prioritize financial and economic stability, their influence might push policymakers to establish clearer regulatory frameworks, balancing innovation with security in the crypto market.

Criticism of the Federal Reserve

Wood also criticized the Federal Reserve, advocating for a significant reduction in its influence to allow market forces to operate more freely. “It is time to dial it down dramatically and let market forces prevail,” she remarked, suggesting that the traditional monetary policy is becoming obsolete in the face of emerging global asset classes like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum

When asked to choose between investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum (ETH), Wood decisively favored Bitcoin. “Bitcoin, hands down. No question,” she affirmed, citing Bitcoin’s usability and its value as a global monetary asset. ARK Invest’s price target for Bitcoin assumes it will capture over 3% of the global money supply outside the major economies (US, UK, Japan, and Europe), a prediction Wood considers conservative.

Wood also praised El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin, reinforcing her positive outlook on the cryptocurrency’s future.


Cathie Wood’s remarks at Consensus 2024 underscored her unwavering belief in Bitcoin’s dominance and its transformative potential in the financial system. Her insights reflect a broader trend of increasing institutional support and regulatory acknowledgment for cryptocurrencies, paving the way for their integration into the global financial infrastructure.

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