John Bollinger Warns of Potential Pullback Amid Bitcoin’s Price Surge

John Bollinger Warns of Potential Pullback Amid Bitcoin’s Price Surge

Veteran trader John Bollinger, known for creating the Bollinger Bands, has issued a cautionary note regarding Bitcoin’s recent price surge. Despite Bitcoin’s impressive rally of nearly 13% over the past week and a half, reaching $71,000, Bollinger has identified signs that suggest a potential pullback or consolidation period is on the horizon.

Identifying a Cautionary Pattern

Bollinger, who developed the Bollinger Bands—a tool used to identify volatility and potential price reversals—pointed to the appearance of a two-bar reversal at the upper Bollinger Band on Bitcoin’s price chart. This pattern often signals a temporary market correction, indicating that traders should be prepared for possible short-term volatility.

Balancing Optimism with Caution

Although Bollinger’s analysis raises concerns for the immediate future, he maintains a positive outlook on Bitcoin’s long-term prospects. His caution is rooted in technical analysis rather than a fundamentally bearish perspective. This balanced view mirrors the current market sentiment, where optimism about Bitcoin’s growth potential is tempered by an awareness of potential short-term fluctuations.

Accumulation Amidst Limited Price Rise

Meanwhile, Willy Woo, a well-known crypto analyst and co-founder of VC firm CMCC, has highlighted a different aspect of Bitcoin’s market behavior. In a May 22 post on X, Woo noted that despite the limited price rise over the past two months, Bitcoin was being quietly accumulated, with no corresponding increase in paper BTC. Woo believes this accumulation phase suggests that Bitcoin is poised to surpass its all-time highs soon.

Market Sentiment and Behavioral Indicators

On the same day, the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index stood at 76, indicating an extreme level of greed. This index level suggests that traders are in a buying mood, often leading to higher price movements as market participants accumulate more cryptocurrency during an uptrend.

Watching for Milestones

The recent price movements and analysts’ perspectives come at a critical juncture for Bitcoin, which is trading just 6% below its peak price. The market is closely monitoring whether Bitcoin can surpass its previous high of $74,000. Given the current trajectory and accumulation trends, this milestone appears increasingly attainable.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading at $69,973, reflecting a 1.5% drop in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap data. Despite this minor dip, the broader trend remains bullish, with market participants eager to see if Bitcoin can break new records.


John Bollinger’s warning serves as a reminder of the inherent volatility in the cryptocurrency market, even as long-term prospects for Bitcoin remain strong. As traders navigate these fluctuations, the balance between short-term caution and long-term optimism will be crucial in shaping their strategies.

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