Imaginary Ones and HUGO Launch Innovative Web3-Enabled Customizable Denim Jacket

Imaginary Ones and HUGO Launch Innovative Web3-Enabled Customizable Denim Jacket

In an exciting fusion of fashion and technology, Imaginary Ones, a web3 entertainment firm, has partnered with fashion brand HUGO to introduce a groundbreaking customizable denim jacket integrated with web3 features.

According to a press release shared with, this special-edition denim jacket is part of HUGO’s new HUGO BLUE line, focusing on denim and aimed at engaging Gen-Z audiences through gaming and Metaverse platforms.

The jacket’s details were first revealed to the Imaginary Ones community via Discord and X on March 12. From March 14, community members had the opportunity to reserve the physical jacket using Tether’s USDT. Remarkably, all jackets were booked within an hour of their launch.

Each jacket comes with a DIY customization kit featuring five exclusive patches from HUGO and Imaginary Ones. A notable feature is an NFC tag located beneath the HUGO flower patch, which provides access to a WebAR-powered experience. This allows fans to customize their digital wearables and share them on social platforms without requiring a dedicated app.

In addition to the physical customization, users can redeem the digital wearable for a unique Roblox skin. This redemption is available through a secret bubble room within the game, where users also receive a matching helmet.

After customizing their web3 jacket and redeeming their Roblox skin, holders are awarded $350 in Imaginary Ones’ native token, BUBBLE Coin. Moreover, NFT holders within the Imaginary Ones community benefit from an additional bonus of 10-30% more BUBBLE Coin for each NFT they own.

“These elements allow us to surprise and engage our users in new and creative ways and open up fresh avenues for interaction and personalization. We’re always looking for progressive brands eager to challenge the status quo alongside us. By collaborating with these like-minded partners, we can craft distinctive, memorable experiences that stand out in this space,” stated Clement Chia, CEO of Imaginary Ones, in an interview with

Imaginary Ones continues to solidify its presence in the web3 gaming community, having launched two web3 games, Bubble Rider and Bubble Rangers, in 2023. Both games feature in-game NFTs, with Bubble Rangers achieving significant success with over 2 million downloads.

This innovative project with HUGO follows closely on the heels of Imaginary Ones’ collaboration with Web3 venture capital firm Animoca Brands. This partnership aims to leverage Animoca’s expertise and resources to enhance Imaginary Ones’ tokenomics and support its go-to-market strategy.

Through these strategic partnerships and innovative projects, Imaginary Ones and HUGO are pioneering new ways to merge fashion, gaming, and web3 technology, creating unique and engaging experiences for their audiences.

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