Transparency Concerns Arise Over Auditor of Russia2024 Blockchain Voting Initiative

Transparency Concerns Arise Over Auditor of Russia2024 Blockchain Voting Initiative

Questions have been raised regarding the transparency of the auditor behind the Russia2024 blockchain voting campaign, spearheaded by Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin, as doubts emerge over the validity of audit claims.

Feygin, known for his activism and legal representation of Pussy Riot, has unveiled Russia2024, aiming to challenge the legitimacy of recent Russian elections through a referendum. The initiative, leveraging Rarimo’s Freedom Tool, promises surveillance-free voting using blockchain and zero-knowledge cryptography to ensure citizen privacy.

While the project asserts public stress-testing and audits by reputable firms, including Halborn and Ambisafe, doubts have surfaced regarding the authenticity of these claims. Despite Feygin’s implication of Halborn’s involvement, investigations by found no evidence of Halborn’s audit for Russia2024.

Feygin’s reference to a Notion document purportedly containing a draft audit by Halborn appears to pertain to Rarimo rather than Russia2024, casting further uncertainty. Though both Russia2024 and Rarimo websites suggest Halborn’s audit, concrete evidence remains elusive.

Rarimo’s director, Kitty Horlick, reaffirmed the audit’s occurrence in correspondence with, providing links to purported audit reports on Rarimo’s Github. However, the lack of documentation on Halborn’s official website raises concerns regarding the transparency and accountability of the auditing process.

As the Russia2024 initiative aims to challenge the foundations of Russian governance, the integrity of its operational procedures, including auditing, is crucial. Without conclusive proof of audit verification, questions persist regarding the reliability and credibility of the blockchain voting campaign.

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