Introduces Meme Coin Investment Game on Base Network Introduces Meme Coin Investment Game on Base Network has introduced an innovative 24-hour game designed to immerse investors in the dynamic world of meme coins.

The game, structured in two phases, challenges participants to either create or invest in meme coins to attain the highest or lowest liquidity. Upon the timer reaching zero, coins falling within the middle range face complete rug pulls.

In the initial 12-hour phase, players are encouraged to create or purchase as many coins as they desire. However, only the top 10 coins progress to the subsequent phase, with refunds issued for all other investments.

During the following “race” phase, spanning another 12 hours, players strategize to ensure their coins either lead the charts or hit rock bottom in liquidity. Players can buy or swap coins to manipulate positions, contributing to a “rug pool” tax that bolsters the prize pool.

As the 24-hour countdown concludes, tokens securing first and last positions emerge as winners, claiming the entire prize pool, including the accumulated rug pool tax. Tokens failing to secure extreme positions face rug pulls, forfeiting all liquidity to the victorious tokens.

The inaugural token in the game, AIRDROP, was crafted by the Context team and operates on Coinbase’s Ethereum layer 2 network, Base. The team has curated a list of addresses previously rug pulled by other tokens and NFT projects, such as BALD, enabling users to engage in token creation or swapping within

As of the latest update, the game is in the race phase, with AIRDROP commanding a significant lead, while RUGDOTFUN trails closely in ninth place by $300,000. The prize pool currently amounts to $260,000, slated for distribution among tokens securing first and last positions.

This innovative game emerges amidst a subdued crypto market, where developers and enthusiasts deploy increasingly bold strategies to propel token value.

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