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OpenSea Struggles as NFT Trading Activity Plummets to 2021 Levels

OpenSea, once regarded as the pinnacle of NFT marketplaces, is witnessing a significant downturn in user engagement, plummeting to its lowest activity levels since 2021. The emergence of newer platforms like Magic Eden and Blur has posed formidable challenges to OpenSea’s market dominance.

Recent data from Token Terminal reveals a stark 33% decline in OpenSea’s NFT trading volumes over the past month, dwindling to $89 million. Concurrently, the platform’s weekly user base has shrunk to approximately 21,000 traders.

This regression marks a regression to the trading levels observed in 2021, a period characterized by subdued NFT activity. In April alone, OpenSea’s monthly user count stood at around 73,000, reflecting a significant decline from its peak of over 500,000 monthly active users.

Despite the broader surge in NFT trading volumes, OpenSea grapples with a loss of market share as users flock to competitors like Blur and Magic Eden. Sales volume on OpenSea has notably declined, with April witnessing the sale of only 134,197 NFTs, the lowest figure since June 2021.

The erosion of monthly trading volumes, falling below $100 million this year for the first time, has drastically impacted OpenSea’s revenue streams. Despite charging high fees, the platform’s revenue outlook remains bleak, exacerbated by record-low royalty fees in April amidst soaring Ethereum prices.

Currently ranked third in the industry, OpenSea commands a mere 9.5% of the total NFT trading volume, trailing behind Blur with over 67% market share and Magic Eden with over 14%.

Facing these formidable challenges, OpenSea’s CEO, Devin Finzer, has hinted at the possibility of a company sale, acknowledging the platform’s struggle to adapt in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

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