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Web3 Gaming Evolution: Sandbox Co-founder Envisions AAA Studios Embracing Blockchain

Sebastien Borget, the COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, recently delved into the challenges and potential of web3 gaming in an exclusive interview with crypto.news.

Web3 gaming represents a significant departure from traditional gaming platforms, offering players unprecedented control and ownership over in-game assets like characters, items, and currencies. Borget highlighted the transformative potential of these decentralized gaming experiences, which allow for enhanced player engagement and novel gameplay mechanics.

Major AAA game publishers have begun exploring web3 technologies to enrich player experiences. For example, gaming giant Ubisoft integrated NFTs into its popular title Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Despite these efforts, web3 gaming has faced lukewarm reception from the wider gaming community, with player onboarding and gameplay quality cited as key challenges.

Borget emphasized the role of smaller, more agile studios in driving innovation in the web3 space, while acknowledging the slower adoption curve of large AAA companies. However, he noted that major players like Ubisoft, Atari, and Nexon are establishing separate teams to explore web3 gaming opportunities.

Addressing current challenges, Borget highlighted the need for a greater focus on gameplay and user experience (UX) in web3 games. He acknowledged that onboarding users to web3 platforms can be complex but expressed optimism about ongoing improvements in UX design.

Regarding technological hurdles, Borget noted the importance of integrating blockchain technologies with popular gaming engines like Unity and Unreal. While distribution and accessibility remain challenges, he praised middleware solutions like Stardust for simplifying blockchain development.

In terms of attracting traditional gamers to web3 gaming, Borget stressed the importance of offering compelling gameplay experiences and providing educational resources for onboarding. He also highlighted the role of larger platforms in facilitating the discovery of web3 games.

Discussing the role of NFTs and token economics, Borget emphasized their potential to enhance player engagement and create active stakeholders within gaming communities. He cited examples of innovative mechanics, such as staking tokens for access to content and rewarding players with free assets.

Looking ahead, Borget expects more AAA gaming publishers to enter the web3 space as they seek to adapt to changing consumer preferences. He predicts a future where the intersection of AAA gaming and web3 technologies creates a thriving economy that empowers both players and developers, fostering a new era of digital asset ownership and value creation.

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