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Akita Dog Society Embraces Blockchain to Combat Certificate Forgery

In a bid to enhance convenience and authenticity for dog owners, a Japan-based Akita dog society has leveraged blockchain technology to issue digital pedigree certificates.

The Akita Inu Preservation Society, based in Japan, has partnered with local IT firm Meta Akita Inc. and U.S.-based Heirloom Inc. to introduce digital pedigree certificates for the prized Akita dog breed. This initiative aims to combat forgery and streamline administrative processes, providing greater peace of mind for dog owners.

Addressing Increasing Demand and Fraud Concerns

The decision to adopt blockchain technology stems from the society’s growing overseas membership, which surged from 300 people in 2022 to approximately 500 in 2023. The rise in membership, coupled with reports of forged pedigree documents in China, prompted the society to take action.

Commenting on the initiative, a spokesperson for the Odate-based dog society emphasized the importance of ensuring the authenticity of pedigree certificates, particularly with increasing international interest in the Akita breed.

Enhancing Convenience and Security

By digitizing pedigree certificates on the blockchain, the society aims to address logistical challenges and improve document management during transit. Through a dedicated smartphone app and the society’s website, owners can now access digital certificates swiftly, reducing delivery times and providing reassurance about their dogs’ pedigrees.

Building Trust Through Transparency

The utilization of blockchain technology allows for transparent tracking of transactions, a feature that is crucial in combating certificate forgery. Similar initiatives have been implemented in other sectors, such as India’s adoption of LegitDoc, an Ethereum blockchain-powered system, to issue digital diploma certificates in 2021, aimed at tackling certificate forgery cases.

Conclusion: Fostering Trust and Convenience

By embracing blockchain technology, the Akita Inu Preservation Society is not only enhancing convenience for dog owners but also bolstering the authenticity and trustworthiness of pedigree certificates. This innovative approach reflects a commitment to leveraging technology to address emerging challenges and ensure the integrity of valuable documents.

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