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Bitcoin Runes Protocol Generates $135 Million in Transaction Fees Post-Halving

In a significant milestone achieved nearly a week after the halving event, Bitcoin Runes have emerged as a transformative force, prompting analysis and discussion among observers and participants within the cryptocurrency realm.

Recent data from a Dune Analytics dashboard reveals that the Runes protocol on Bitcoin (BTC) has amassed a staggering $135 million in transaction fees on the cryptocurrency’s largest blockchain. Notably, tokens issued under the Runes standard have contributed over 2,100 BTC in transaction costs within just a week.

Casey Rodarmor, the visionary behind the Ordinals protocol, spearheaded the development of Bitcoin Runes with the aim of enhancing the BRC-20 standard, heralding a new era of decentralized finance (DeFi) on BTC’s network.

By leveraging BTC’s UTXO format, Runes empowers users to execute transactions more efficiently and mint tokens that are finely tuned to the needs of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Launched during the halving event, Runes has swiftly become a focal point of on-chain BTC activity.

According to insights from Bitcoin Wallet Unisat, users have minted close to 11,000 Runes, igniting a flurry of blockchain engagement that momentarily spiked BTC gas fees post-halving. However, fees have since retreated in the days following Bitcoin’s quadrennial code adjustment, which halved block mining rewards.

While the initial surge in BTC transaction costs caused by Bitcoin Runes garnered attention, analysts anticipate this effect to be temporary. Bitcoin researcher Jade ARdinals highlighted that the uptick in network activity stemmed primarily from the token creation aspect, or minting, driven by speculative fervor surrounding Runes.

Looking ahead, analysts foresee the pressure on BTC block space to diminish over time, asserting that the Runes standard will continue to attract developers to Bitcoin. In the words of Jade ARdinals, “the adoption of Runes has a generally positive long-term impact on the network,” with expectations that the hype surrounding minting will subside as demand normalizes.

Already, Runes have made a significant imprint on BTC’s on-chain activity, with data from Crypto Koryo’s Dune dashboard indicating that Runes tokens accounted for 45% of all Bitcoin transactions on April 25. This underscores the protocol’s growing significance within the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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