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Nvidia and Defense Stocks Outshine Bitcoin in Post-COVID Era: Study

Recent research unveils Nvidia’s remarkable 180% surge in stock price, with BAE Systems and Meta closely trailing behind, while Bitcoin records a modest 8.26% increase in the post-COVID period.

A study conducted by Banking Methods offers insights into the performance of both stocks and cryptocurrencies, with a particular focus on Bitcoin’s trajectory.

Nvidia emerges as the top performer among investments, boasting an impressive 180% increase in value during the post-COVID period. The tech giant’s shares surged from $293 in 2021 to an astounding $822 in 2024, showcasing its allure to investors despite market volatility.

Following Nvidia, defense and information security company BAE Systems secures the second spot with a 116.76% surge in stock price. Meanwhile, Meta, formerly Facebook, takes the third position with a 49.50% uptick in its stock price.

Other notable mentions include Microsoft, gold, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and AeroVironment, although their returns appear less impressive compared to the top three stocks. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s performance in the post-COVID era remains relatively modest, with an 8.26% increase in value. Despite outperforming several altcoins, Bitcoin lands in the 11th position, failing to crack the top 10.

While Nvidia shines as a standout performer, recent data from Google Finance indicates a slight downturn in its stock value, dropping by over 16% in the past month, from $950 to $795. This decline raises questions about the sustainability of Nvidia’s growth trajectory in the long term.

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