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Pavel Durov Unveils Telegram Blockchain Innovations at Token2049 Conference

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram messenger, shared insights into the future of the TON cryptocurrency during his appearance at the Token2049 conference held in Dubai.

Durov outlined several new features that will empower ordinary Telegram users to engage with Toncoin (TON) seamlessly. Commencing April 19, Telegram channel administrators will be able to receive payments in TON for advertising on their channels. Additionally, users will soon have the ability to tip administrators in TON, with content creators receiving a share of the earnings.

Furthermore, Durov revealed plans to introduce the buying and selling of stickers as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using TON. Sticker artists will receive a significant portion of the proceeds, with 95% allocated to them. Telegram will also incorporate mini-applications where users can purchase content using cryptocurrency. Moreover, users will have the capability to share TON with other contacts within their correspondence.

Durov emphasized the potential value of stickers as NFTs, highlighting their popularity among users. He envisioned scenarios where early owners of stickers could potentially benefit from their increased value over time.

In a groundbreaking move, Telegram users will soon have the option to log into their accounts using cryptocurrency wallets. Additionally, users will be able to register the rights to their account names, enabling them to sell them if desired.

All these innovations will be readily accessible to all users without the need for any programming skills, according to Durov. He highlighted the significance of users being able to directly own their usernames, sell them, or even put them up for auction, marking a milestone in social media history.

Recently, TON joined the list of blockchain networks hosting the largest stablecoin by capitalization. Speculation about the integration of USDT into TON began in early April following announcements of a joint appearance by Durov and Tether’s Paolo Ardoino at a crypto conference in Dubai.

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