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Animoca Brands Teams Up with Imaginary Ones to Elevate Tokenomics

In a strategic move to bolster tokenomics, Animoca Brands, a leading Web3 venture capital firm, has forged a partnership with Imaginary Ones, a prominent Singapore-based NFT project.

As disclosed in a press release shared with Crypto.news, Imaginary Ones intends to leverage Animoca’s wealth of expertise and resources to fortify its tokenomics framework. The collaboration extends further to include Animoca Brands’ assistance in refining Imaginary Ones’ go-to-market strategy, fostering a synergistic relationship aimed at driving mutual growth and success.

Clement Chia, co-founder of Imaginary Ones, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Animoca Brands’ pivotal role in expediting their plans across utility, coins, and development. Chia emphasized the shared vision of unifying the realms of Web2 and Web3, underscoring their commitment to turning imagination into reality.

As part of the collaborative efforts, Imaginary Ones is gearing up for an airdrop campaign targeting holders of Imaginary Ones and Imaginary Rides NFTs. This initiative aims to distribute BUBBLE coin, the project’s native token slated for launch in Q1 of 2024, thereby enhancing community engagement and participation.

Originally conceived as an IP company, Imaginary Ones has since evolved into a prominent Web3 entertainment entity, with its inaugural NFT collection selling out within minutes in April 2022. Notably, the project forged a groundbreaking partnership with fashion titan Hugo Boss in 2023, marking a significant milestone as the first Asian NFT project to collaborate with an international fashion brand. Subsequently, Imaginary Ones ventured into the realm of gaming with the launch of two Web3 games, Bubble Rider and Bubble Rangers.

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, commended Imaginary Ones’ forward-thinking approach and robust ecosystem. Siu lauded the project’s noteworthy collaborations with industry giants like Hugo Boss and Samsung, underscoring Imaginary Ones’ visionary efforts to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 industries.

The partnership between Animoca Brands and Imaginary Ones follows Animoca Brands’ investment in Imaginary Ones on February 29, 2024, although the specific financial details of the investment remain undisclosed. Additionally, Animoca Brands recently joined forces with BlockPass, a prominent Web3 firm specializing in KYC solutions for decentralized platforms, in a bid to tackle emerging challenges related to AI deep fakes and identity theft, further solidifying its commitment to driving innovation and fostering growth within the Web3 ecosystem.

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