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Solo Miner Earns 6.36 BTC from Single Bitcoin Block as Halving Approaches

As the Bitcoin halving event looms, a solo miner achieved a significant feat by mining a single block of Bitcoin and earning 6.36 BTC, including a commission of 0.1 BTC.

On April 5, a solo miner operating with an equipment hashrate of 7 PH/s successfully added block #837,814 to the Bitcoin blockchain. According to Mempool data, the miner received 6.36 BTC, equivalent to $422,750 at the time of block mining, along with the mentioned commission.

Con Kolyvas, the administrator of CKPool, revealed that the miner had been intermittently mining since the pool’s last restart, accumulating approximately 0.05% of the required shares to solve a block. Kolyvas stated that the miner used their own mining hardware supplemented by occasional rented hashrate.

“The miner has contacted me privately. He was mining with his own mining hardware supplemented by intermittent rented hashrate,” explained Con Kolyvas.

This accomplishment mirrors previous instances where solo miners have reaped substantial rewards. In October 2023, another solo miner, boasting a hardware power of 11 PH/s, earned 6.25 BTC plus a commission of 0.09 BTC. Similarly, in May 2023, a miner earned $177,115 by mining a block, receiving a reward of 6.25 BTC and a commission of 0.24 BTC.

Notably, the difficulty of mining Bitcoin decreased by 0.97% at the end of March 2024, with an indicator of 83.13 T. Despite this, the average hashrate for the period remained robust at 593.99 EH/s. The block interval also maintained its consistency at approximately 10 minutes and 7 seconds.

As the Bitcoin network prepares for the upcoming halving event, such achievements by solo miners underscore the ongoing vitality and profitability of Bitcoin mining.

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