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Spot Bitcoin ETF Sector Witnesses Surge in Daily Capital Inflows, Fidelity’s FBTC Leads

On April 3rd, the spot Bitcoin ETF sector experienced a notable surge in net daily capital inflows, totaling over $113 million.

According to data from SoSo Value, capital inflows have rebounded significantly after a period of decline, with Fidelity’s spot Bitcoin ETF (FBTC) emerging as the leader with inflows amounting to $116.6 million. Following closely behind is the iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), recording inflows of $42 million.

Conversely, capital outflows from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ETF (GBTC) hit a new low at $75.1 million, marking a decline from levels observed at the end of February.

On April 2nd, net outflows from the ARK Invest (ARKB) Bitcoin ETF surpassed those from GBTC, reaching $87.5 million, marking the first time ARKB has overtaken GBTC in outflows. Despite this, the total net inflow into spot Bitcoin ETFs reached $40.3 million, with the majority stemming from the BlackRock fund, which saw an additional $150 million in inflows. Fidelity followed closely behind with $44 million in inflows.

The dynamics of outflows in the spot Bitcoin ETF market have shown signs of change, particularly with the significant outflows from ARKB and GBTC. On the same day, $87.5 million flowed out of ARKB, while $81.9 million flowed out of GBTC.

This trend of outflows commenced on April 1st, with investors withdrawing approximately $300,000 from the ARK Invest fund, signaling a shift in investor sentiment within the spot Bitcoin ETF market.

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