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Unveiling the Misogyny Within Crypto’s Seedy Underbelly

In the shadowy corridors of the crypto world, a disturbing scene unfolds—one reminiscent of Hollywood’s darkest days. Hooded figures gather around tables adorned not with laptops but with scantily clad women serving sushi. This isn’t a scene from a bygone era; it’s a glimpse into the murky depths of crypto culture.

In this week’s installment of #hearsay, we delve into the scandal surrounding Copper Technologies, where models were used as serving platters during a Digital Asset Summit afterparty. Hosted at the Mandrake Hotel, a hotspot notorious for its unsavory reputation, the event epitomizes the dark side of crypto’s ‘bro’ culture.

Copper Technologies, known for its digital asset management, is no stranger to controversy. With ties to sanctioned individuals and murky transactions, the company’s reputation is tarnished by association with illicit dealings.

But beyond the glitz and glamor lies a deeper issue: misogyny. Crypto’s male-dominated landscape has long been a breeding ground for harassment and abuse. High-profile figures like Laura Shin have faced threats and derogatory comments, highlighting the toxic culture that pervades the industry.

Tron’s partnership with a blockchain-based porn platform and the objectification of women at conferences further underscore the industry’s deep-seated misogyny. Despite some progress, gender diversity remains a pressing issue, with women vastly outnumbered in executive roles and boardrooms.

Yet, amidst the darkness, glimmers of hope emerge. Events like DeSci in London feature all-female panels, showcasing the talent and expertise of women in the industry. But for real change to occur, the crypto community must confront its toxic culture head-on.

As I reflect on my own role in perpetuating this culture, I realize the need for change. Crypto’s future should be defined by inclusivity and innovation, not misogyny and greed. It’s time for crypto ‘bros’ to step aside and make room for a more diverse and equitable industry—one where sushi swaps take precedence over objectified models.

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