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King River Capital, Immutable, and Polygon Labs Launch $100M Gaming Fund to Capitalize on Growing Blockchain Gaming Market

A strategic collaboration between Australian venture capital firm King River Capital, blockchain gaming company Immutable, and Polygon Labs has led to the creation of a groundbreaking $100 million gaming fund.

Dubbed the “Inevitable Games Fund,” this initiative marks a significant milestone as the first ecosystem-agnostic fund of its kind. The fund aims to identify and invest in high-growth opportunities within the gaming industry, providing investors with unique access to emerging trends and innovations.

Leading the investment process, King River Capital will leverage its expertise in venture capital, while Immutable and Polygon Labs will contribute specialized knowledge in sourcing and web3 gaming.

Recent data from Messari indicates a remarkable growth trajectory for blockchain gaming, with Immutable and Polygon Labs collectively commanding a substantial 70% market share. This dominance underscores the significant growth witnessed by the entire blockchain gaming sector in recent years.

In 2023 alone, blockchain gaming-related investment rounds soared to $1.7 billion, with a significant portion directed towards the 270 blockchain games currently in development on Immutable’s platform.

Zeb Rice, co-founder and managing partner at King River Capital, emphasized the immense potential of the gaming industry, stating, “Spending on video games exceeds the global revenue from movies, streaming TV, and the music industry combined.” He highlighted the transformative impact of web3 technology on the gaming landscape, drawing parallels to the meteoric rise of mobile gaming.

Rice expressed confidence in the Fund’s ability to capitalize on the evolving gaming landscape, positioning investors to benefit from the multi-hundred billion dollar shift towards disruptive technologies.

A report by PwC forecasts a substantial increase in global gaming revenue from $227 billion in 2023 to $312 billion in 2027. Key drivers of this growth include decentralization, ownership features, and play-and-earn models, which incentivize players with financial rewards.

The Inevitable Games Fund presents an opportunity for professional and sophisticated investors to participate in this burgeoning market. The Fund has already supported seven early-stage investments, including projects like Pixelmon, Metalcore, Guild of Guardians, and My Pet Hooligan, poised to capitalize on the transformative potential of blockchain gaming.

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