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Craig Wright Admits to Editing Bitcoin Whitepaper Presented in Court

In a recent development within the legal proceedings against COPA, Craig Wright has admitted to making revisions to the Bitcoin whitepaper documents submitted as evidence. The acknowledgment came during cross-examination by Alexander Gunning, representing Bitcoin developers, who pointed out modifications made by Wright within “LaTeX files.”

Wright conceded to these edits, explaining that they were made for demonstration purposes for his legal team at Shoosmiths. However, Gunning challenged the intent behind these modifications, suggesting they were self-serving rather than purely for demonstration. He emphasized that the alterations were attempts to align the documents with the original layout of the Bitcoin whitepaper, noting that the file had been modified as recently as November 2023.

The cross-examination concluded with Gunning questioning the legitimacy of Wright’s claim to being Satoshi Nakamoto, which Wright vehemently defended under further scrutiny.

This revelation comes as the trial, aimed at determining Wright’s identity as Satoshi Nakamoto, enters its third week. The hearings have been marked by testimonies from both sides, with notable insights provided by computer scientist Marti Malmi. Malmi contested Wright’s timeline of interactions with Nakamoto, clarifying that their communication occurred on May 1, 2009, contradicting Wright’s assertion of a February 2009 approach. This discrepancy was later supported by emails released on X.

As the trial progresses, scrutiny over Wright’s claims and the authenticity of evidence presented continues, shaping the ongoing debate surrounding the identity of Bitcoin’s elusive creator.

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