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Ethereum Surpasses $3,000 Milestone, Outshines Bitcoin Amid $36 Billion ETF Inflows

On February 20th, Ethereum’s price surged past $3,000, marking a significant milestone and surpassing Bitcoin’s growth rate of 22%. The trend suggests that Ethereum’s momentum could continue to outpace Bitcoin, especially with observed trends in ETH 2.0 staking deposits indicating potential for further widening of the gap.

While Bitcoin dominated headlines due to the approval of Bitcoin ETFs by the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Ethereum’s performance has been noteworthy. Despite Bitcoin’s record-breaking institutional inflows into ETFs, Ethereum’s price has managed to outshine Bitcoin’s recent gains.

In February alone, Bitcoin saw a rise of 24.2%, reaching a peak of $52,985 from $41,864. However, Ethereum’s price exhibited even more impressive growth, soaring by 33.7% from $2,241 to the $3,000 milestone, a level not seen since April 26, 2022.

Investors are placing long-term bets on Ethereum, with a significant increase in staking deposits observed. Over $1.5 billion worth of Ethereum was staked in the past week, totaling 504,799 ETH deposited into ETH 2.0 staking contracts on February 13th and 20th. This surge in staking deposits signals investor confidence and commitment to Ethereum’s network security, especially amid soaring market demand.

The surge in staking deposits enhances network security and stability, particularly during a bull market. With Ethereum’s Proof of Stake (PoS) network attracting increased investor interest, it’s poised for further growth. The absence of a comparable large-scale staking yield incentive in the Bitcoin network further underscores Ethereum’s advantage.

Drawing insights from market trends, Ethereum’s price appears poised for further upside towards $3,500 in the coming weeks. However, historical accumulation trends suggest potential resistance at the $3,200 level. Should Ethereum decisively break above $3,200, it could pave the way for a larger upswing towards $3,500.

Nevertheless, bears could challenge this bullish scenario if the price dips below $2,500. In such a scenario, significant buy-wall support from addresses that acquired ETH at the minimum price of $2,548 could come into play, potentially mitigating downward pressure on Ethereum’s price.

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