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Gnosis Unveils Self-Custody Card Revolutionizing Crypto Shopping Experience

Gnosis Pay has made waves in the cryptocurrency community with the official release of its self-custody card, sparking excitement among enthusiasts. The announcement, shared on X on February 17, heralds a groundbreaking development in on-chain asset spending, offering users access to over 80 million Visa-accepting merchants worldwide without any usage fees for early adopters.

This move marks a strategic expansion into the U.S. market following Gnosis’s successful launch in Europe, underscoring its commitment to bridging decentralized finance (DeFi) with traditional financial systems. The initiative prioritizes user autonomy, enabling individuals to effortlessly manage and spend their cryptocurrencies—a welcomed advancement, particularly in light of recent crypto exchange collapses and resulting losses totaling billions in user funds.

In an interview prior to the launch, Dr. Friederike Ernst, co-founder of Gnosis, highlighted the Gnosis Card as a pioneering solution breaking down the barrier between crypto holdings and real-world applications. The card represents a paradigm shift where digital assets seamlessly integrate into everyday transactions, ushering in a new era of financial empowerment and flexibility for consumers.

Looking beyond its current achievements, Gnosis sets its sights on global expansion, targeting markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Ernst emphasizes the company’s ambition to penetrate markets beyond the crypto-savvy, envisioning a future where digital assets are as readily spendable as traditional currencies.

Gnosis Pay has forged partnerships, including one with MakerDAO to integrate the stablecoin DAI and its economic model. Proceeds from card sales will be reinvested into essential infrastructure, further enhancing the ecosystem.

With the introduction of the Gnosis Card, the company not only provides a payment solution but also reinforces the utility of its GNO token and contributes to the scalability of the blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, collaborations with Monerium and other fintech innovators aim to establish a more cost-effective, decentralized, and open-source financial landscape.

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