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MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Triumph Fuels Speculation of S&P 500 Inclusion

MicroStrategy, a frontrunner in corporate Bitcoin holdings, has witnessed its cryptocurrency investment surpass $10 billion, generating profits exceeding $4 billion as Bitcoin surged towards $53,000.

Since initiating its Bitcoin acquisition in 2020, MicroStrategy has amassed 190,000 bitcoins at an average cost of $31,224 per coin, totaling $5.93 billion. This bold move not only yielded substantial profits but also positioned the company as a key influencer in the cryptocurrency realm. The recent spike in Bitcoin’s price, soaring over 20% since the start of 2024, doubled MicroStrategy’s profits from nearly $2 billion in December of the previous year to over $4 billion, according to a recent investor presentation.

The company’s strategic shift and ensuing financial gains have ignited conversations about its potential inclusion in the S&P 500 index. Following an impressive 46% surge in its stock price over an eight-day period up to Feb. 15, MicroStrategy now ranks as the 535th largest publicly listed company in the United States.

For consideration in the S&P 500, MicroStrategy must meet various criteria, including a boost in market capitalization. With a current valuation of $12.1 billion, the company’s stock price would need to rise from $718 to $937 to meet the $15.8 billion threshold for index eligibility.

In addition to market cap, S&P 500 inclusion necessitates meeting profitability metrics, trading volume, and public shareholding requirements. MicroStrategy has reported positive profits over the last four quarters, bringing it closer to these rigorous standards. However, the ultimate decision for inclusion lies with the S&P’s executive committee, which evaluates companies against a comprehensive set of benchmarks.

Highlighting MicroStrategy’s dedication to the cryptocurrency sector, CEO Michael Saylor has led the company’s transition towards becoming a Bitcoin development entity. This strategic evolution signifies a profound operational shift, aimed at not only enhancing the Bitcoin network but also maximizing the value of its substantial Bitcoin holdings.

Saylor, in recent discussions, cited the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs as a pivotal factor influencing market dynamics, resulting in a pronounced supply-demand imbalance. This situation, he noted, stems from a decade of increasing interest in Bitcoin as a viable retail investment option, underscoring MicroStrategy’s intent to lead in the development space within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Furthermore, the company is exploring the potential for additional profits with the anticipated accounting change in 2025, which could value Bitcoin at market prices, potentially bolstering MicroStrategy’s profits.

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