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Oasys Blockchain Teams Up with Com2uS for Web3 Expansion in Japan

Overview: South Korean game publisher Com2uS has partnered with the Oasys blockchain project to bolster its web3 gaming infrastructure, with a focus on expanding into the Japanese market, renowned as the world’s third-largest gaming sector.

Partnership Details: Com2uS, in collaboration with its blockchain subsidiary XPLA, will leverage the Oasys network’s technical capabilities to establish a new layer-2 network tailored to Japan’s regulatory landscape. Noteworthy gaming firms such as SoftBank, Sega, and Ubisoft have previously affiliated with the Oasys network, enhancing its credibility.

Expansion Plans: The partnership aims to introduce two web3 games in Japan by the first half of 2024, featuring globally recognized intellectual properties (IPs). This strategic move signifies Com2uS’s endeavor to penetrate the Japanese gaming market, estimated to comprise 55 million players. Additionally, Com2uS plans to integrate its flagship game franchises like ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’ and ‘The Walking Dead: All Stars’ onto the Oasys blockchain, anticipating enhanced gaming experiences and increased game visibility.

Vision and Confidence: Dominic Jang, spearheading business development and Korea initiatives for Oasys, expressed optimism about the collaboration, emphasizing the blockchain’s capacity to deliver innovative gaming solutions. He envisions the partnership fostering cutting-edge gaming experiences that resonate with players, underscoring the commitment to excellence in game development and blockchain integration.

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