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Ongoing Legal Battles Shape XRP’s Future: SEC v Ripple and Coinbase Hearings Take Center Stage

In the aftermath of a bustling week of legal proceedings, both the SEC v Ripple and SEC v Coinbase cases continue to dominate the attention of investors, eagerly awaiting critical court decisions that could significantly impact the markets.

Saturday’s Overview XRP experienced a 1.65% gain on Saturday, successfully reversing a 1.34% loss from the previous day. The session concluded with XRP reaching $0.5533, marking the end of a three-day losing streak.

SEC v Ripple: Latest Developments and SEC Strategies Saturday brought no new updates related to the SEC v Ripple case, leaving XRP’s investor sentiment unaffected. Ripple, on Friday, contested the SEC Motion to Compel, putting the decision in the hands of Judge Analisa Torres, who must determine whether Ripple is obligated to disclose additional documents.

The SEC’s Motion to Compel seeks information on:

  1. 2022-2023 financial statements.
  2. Contracts governing XRP institutional sales post-complaint.
  3. Responses to questions about post-complaint XRP institutional sales proceeds.

The outcome of this motion holds significance, as it aims to uncover whether Ripple continued violating Section 5 of the 1933 Securities Act after the initial complaint. Ripple’s argument against the motion emphasizes the SEC’s previous stance that post-complaint conduct was irrelevant.

The crypto community eagerly awaits Judge Torres’s ruling on the SEC Motion to Compel, with potential implications for the penalties Ripple may face for securities law breaches.

SEC v Coinbase Hearing Sparks Crypto Community Uproar While attention remains on the SEC v Ripple case, the crypto market has also been reacting to the recent SEC v Coinbase court hearing that took place on January 17.

During the hearing, the SEC asserted that the 13 cryptocurrencies mentioned in the case were securities upon issuance. The SEC’s argument centered on the idea that crypto investors anticipate profit within the associated ecosystem of each token. Notably, this case has triggered strong reactions within the crypto community.

Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer, Stuart Alderoty, criticized the SEC’s deviation from legal principles, citing an analogy to Pokémon cards. Amicus Curiae attorney John E. Deaton expressed disbelief at SEC lawyers’ comments about Bitcoin, emphasizing their refusal to align with the truth.

Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer, Paul Grewal, added to the discourse, using a Pokémon analogy and warning against the broad categorization of tokens as securities. The outcome of the Coinbase motion to dismiss is eagerly anticipated, as it could reshape the regulatory landscape for U.S. crypto exchanges.

XRP Price Action Analysis Daily Chart:

  • XRP remains below the 50-day and 200-day EMAs, signaling a bearish trend.
  • A breakthrough above the 200-day EMA could propel XRP towards the $0.5835 resistance and the 50-day EMA.
  • Conversely, a drop below the $0.5470 support may lead to testing the $0.5042 support level.

4-Hourly Chart:

  • XRP sits below the 50-day and 200-day EMAs on the 4-hourly chart, affirming bearish indicators.
  • A breach above the 50-day EMA could drive XRP to the $0.5835 resistance and the 200-day EMA.
  • A fall below the $0.5470 support might invite bearish pressure towards the $0.5042 support.

Investors are advised to closely monitor SEC activities, U.S. lawmaker scrutiny, and developments in the SEC v crypto cases for potential market impacts.

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