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Crypto Venture Funds Navigate Tight Capital Landscape in 2024, Prioritizing Growth-Ready Startups

In 2024, as the crypto venture capital landscape strives to recover, investors are cautiously optimistic but still mindful of tighter financial conditions compared to the previous bull cycle. While markets show signs of improvement, industry insiders caution that capital remains constrained, prompting a shift in focus towards more liquid and growth-ready startup opportunities.

Investors in 2024 are demanding compelling narratives and robust metrics before committing to ventures. Carlos Pereira, a partner at BitKraft Ventures, notes a preference for liquid or pre-launch opportunities, signaling a scarcity of capital for venture capital (VC) deals. This may result in a potential divergence between public and private markets.

BitKraft Ventures, for example, raised $220.6 million for its second token fund in 2023, slightly below its $240 million target. The capital is slated for deployment in the information technology and gaming sectors, with Pereira highlighting the resilience of Web3 gaming, a $330 billion market.

Despite positive trends, challenges persist for early-stage startups. Adam Struck, founder of VC firm Struck Capital, emphasizes the importance of proven business models that are poised for growth. He predicts a thaw in Series A and growth stage fundraising, driven by a more rational approach to company-building post-2021 frenzy.

Struck anticipates a promising year for the gaming industry and decentralized finance (DeFi) space, fueled by an influx of institutional capital. He envisions Web3 gaming breaking out with innovative games seamlessly integrated with blockchains. Additionally, Struck expects substantial growth in the total value locked in DeFi, citing real-world assets moving on-chain.

Data from DefiLlama indicates that at least $5.7 billion in capital flowed into crypto businesses in 2023. Notable among the funded startups is Lolli, a company offering Bitcoin and cashback rewards through retailers. Lolli recently secured $8 million in a Series B round led by Bitkraft Ventures, with participation from Serena Williams’ Serena Ventures.

Lolli’s CEO, Alex Adelman, sees opportunities for startups to thrive in the current environment. He attributes the crypto market downturn to differentiating companies with sustainable business models. Adelman advises startups seeking funds in 2024 to be strategic, cautioning against raising excessive capital. He emphasizes the importance of bringing in only the necessary amount to support the next phase of growth to avoid unsustainable spending habits and dilution of equity shares.

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