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Astar Network Launches NFT Campaign Celebrating Astar zkEVM Mainnet

Astar Network, a Polkadot parachain, has revealed plans for an NFT campaign in commemoration of the mainnet launch of Astar zkEVM, an Ethereum layer-2 chain powered by Polygon technology.

Scheduled for Q1 2024, the NFT campaign marks the debut of the Astar zkEVM mainnet, developed using the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK). Inspired by its Japanese heritage, the campaign introduces a celebration echoing the essence of Japanese capsule machines, offering users a chance to win various prizes.

Participation in the campaign involves engaging with the projects hosted on Astar zkEVM. Users can complete on-chain and off-chain quests to unlock rewards, including exclusive NFTs created by Astar Network and other collaborating projects.

The campaign incorporates a captivating narrative inspired by Japanese folklore, enhancing user engagement. Prizes will be presented via virtual capsule machines, each tailored by the participating projects involved.

These rewards feature a range of Japanese-themed characters that users can mint, collect, and interact with. Through achieving specific milestones and meeting set criteria, users can upgrade these collectible characters.

The campaign serves as a platform for diverse projects, encompassing enterprises, renowned IP artists, and leading web3 applications. Maarten Henskens, head of Astar Foundation, expressed enthusiasm for the launch, emphasizing the solution’s significance for enterprise partners and the influx of over 320 organizations joining Astar for web3 development in Asia by 2024.

Furthermore, this initiative offers an opportunity for global projects to interact with Astar’s expansive user base and explore avenues in the Japanese market, collaborating with government entities and local enterprises.

Interested projects seeking participation in the NFT campaign can indicate their interest by completing the provided Google form.

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