Ethereum ETFs Near Launch as SEC Evaluates Other ETFs

Ethereum ETFs Near Launch as SEC Evaluates Other ETFs

Bitwise’s chief compliance officer, Katherine Dowling, suggested in a recent Bloomberg interview that the diminishing issues within S-1 filings could signal the imminent launch of Ethereum ETFs. This development occurs amid reports of ongoing discussions between the SEC and various firms regarding other spot ETFs.

Positive Indicators for Ethereum ETFs

Dowling emphasized the positive signs, noting that the highly anticipated eight U.S.-based spot Ether exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are nearing their launch. “We’re seeing in the S-1 amendments that there are fewer and fewer issues that are being vetted back and forth between issuers and the SEC,” she stated.

Form S-1s provide essential details about the issuer and the proposed securities, with product launches contingent upon SEC approval. Several spot Ethereum ETF issuers have been waiting for six weeks for their S-1 registration statements to be signed off by the SEC, following the regulator’s approval of several 19b-4 filings on May 23.

Timeline and Market Impact

SEC Chair Gary Gensler has predicted that spot Ether ETFs will launch sometime in the summer, though Dowling acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding the timeline. “Everyone has a different definition of summer. It’s been a little bit of a long, hot summer for the issuers waiting,” she remarked.

Bitwise’s chief investment officer, Matt Hougan, speculated that spot Ether ETFs could attract up to $15 billion in inflows within the first 18 months of trading. This would be similar to the inflows seen by spot Bitcoin ETFs within six months of their launch. Dowling highlighted the optimism for retail and institutional investor interest, noting that while Ethereum may not be as easily explained as Bitcoin’s “digital gold” narrative, it is a “more nuanced sell, not a harder sell.”

Market maker QCP Capital forecasts a substantial 60% Ethereum rally upon the launch of the ETFs, potentially propelling the cryptocurrency to new all-time highs. This anticipated market reaction mirrors the response to the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs earlier this year.

SEC Engagement and Future Products

Dowling revealed that the SEC has shown openness to discussing products beyond Bitcoin and Ether. “We’ve actually dialogued with the SEC about the possibility of what’s coming down the pipe with new products,” she said.

Solana ETF Decision Expected by Mid-March 2025

The SEC is set to decide on Solana ETFs by mid-March 2025. This follows the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) filing two Form 19b-4 applications on July 8 to list proposed ETFs from VanEck and 21Shares. According to SEC regulations, the agency has 240 days to make a decision on the Solana ETFs, which would allow for the rule change necessary for CBOE to list the products.

However, the upcoming U.S. election in November is expected to play a significant role in the decision process for Solana ETFs. Analysts speculate that a Biden victory could pose challenges for Solana ETFs, while a Trump presidency might create a more favorable regulatory environment, potentially increasing their chances of approval.


As the SEC continues to evaluate Ethereum and other spot ETFs, the potential launch of these financial products could significantly impact the cryptocurrency market. The upcoming decisions and regulatory environment will shape the future landscape for digital assets and their integration into mainstream financial systems.

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