Elliptic Research Reveals Rampant Scams Facilitated by Huione Guarantee

Elliptic Research Reveals Rampant Scams Facilitated by Huione Guarantee

Huione Guarantee, an online marketplace operated by the Cambodian conglomerate Huione Group, has been implicated in facilitating extensive online scams across Southeast Asia. According to a recent research report by blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, the platform has facilitated transactions exceeding $11 billion, with a significant portion linked to money laundering and cyber scams.

Blockchain Analytics Uncover Cryptocurrency Transactions

Elliptic’s research team utilized blockchain analytics to quantify the cryptocurrency transactions on Huione Guarantee, leveraging the transparency of blockchain technology to track and block these illicit activities. The findings reveal a complex web of transactions designed to obfuscate the origins of funds, yet traceable through meticulous analysis.

Huione Guarantee’s Operations and Services

Primarily operating in Chinese, Huione Guarantee involves numerous instant messaging app channels, each managed by separate merchants. These merchants offer a range of services critical to cyber scams, including the sale of personal data, money laundering, and the development of software and websites for scam operations. Additionally, the platform provides tools and equipment used in the imprisonment and torture of workers within scam compounds.

Predominant Use of Tether for Transactions

While Huione Guarantee accepts payments via bank transfers and payment apps, it predominantly relies on Tether (USDT), a cryptocurrency that, while easier to track than traditional fiat currencies, still poses significant challenges for law enforcement. Elliptic’s investigation identified and labeled hundreds of crypto addresses associated with Huione Guarantee and its merchants, enabling exchanges and other businesses to screen transactions and prevent the continued laundering of illicit funds. This also provides law enforcement agencies with the tools needed to trace these payments and hold those responsible accountable.

AI and Emerging Challenges in Cybercrime

Elliptic’s 2024 report highlights the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in illicit activities, including state-sponsored cyberattacks and deepfake scams. Notably, fraudulent schemes involving deepfake videos of prominent figures such as Elon Musk and former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong are on the rise. Discussions on dark web forums about using AI to reverse-engineer crypto wallet seed phrases and bypass authentication systems present new challenges for security and law enforcement agencies in combating these sophisticated scams.

Cryptocurrency Market’s Resilience

Despite the surge in cybercrime, the cryptocurrency market has demonstrated remarkable resilience. In the second quarter of 2024, the market achieved a record recovery rate of 77% for stolen funds. According to Hacken’s Web3 Security Report Q2 2024, $347.4 million of the $512.9 million lost was successfully recovered or frozen. This recovery rate, the highest on record, showcases the growing effectiveness of anti-fraud measures within the industry.

X.com and the Proliferation of Crypto Scams

Cryptocurrency scams continue to thrive on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). Scam Sniffer, a web3 anti-scam company, reported that nearly $50 million is lost each month due to account impersonation on the platform. Binance co-founder Yi He has raised concerns about the proliferation of these scams, questioning whether platform owner Elon Musk will take action to address the issue.


The revelations about Huione Guarantee underscore the ongoing challenges in combating online scams and money laundering in the cryptocurrency space. As regulatory bodies and blockchain analytics firms like Elliptic continue to uncover and address these issues, the need for comprehensive regulation and robust security measures becomes increasingly critical.

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