Team Behind Polygon ID Launches Privado ID Wallet for Faster Verification

Team Behind Polygon ID Launches Privado ID Wallet for Faster Verification

Privado ID, formerly known as PolygonID, has introduced the Privado ID Web Wallet, promising a 50% faster identity verification process. This launch marks the first product release since the company spun off from Polygon Labs and rebranded in June.

Privado ID focuses on digital identity solutions, leveraging cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to protect personal data. This technology allows users to verify attributes such as age and qualifications without disclosing sensitive information.

The primary goal of the new wallet is to streamline repetitive identity verification tasks, such as Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks, thereby simplifying the login process for various applications.

Integration with Gitcoin Passport and Verax

Privado ID is already collaborating with significant projects like Verax and Gitcoin Passport. Verax, a public registry for on-chain attestations, was initially developed for the Linea zkEVM chain from Consensys. This integration demonstrates Privado ID’s commitment to creating a privacy-focused ecosystem.

In a press release, Privado ID highlighted the wallet’s integration with Gitcoin Passport, the ZKPass privacy oracle platform, and other notable projects. Verax supports Lineaโ€™s mission of enhancing community and ecosystem discoverability and composability.

Future Plans and Ecosystem Expansion

Antoni Martin, Co-founder of Privado ID, emphasized that the launch of the web wallet is just the beginning. “The launch of Privado IDโ€™s new web wallet lays the groundwork for whatโ€™s to come in the following months,” said Martin. The company aims to establish an open ecosystem where new credential issuers can easily offer services to verifiers with minimal barriers.

Privado ID also plans to introduce a permissionless process to facilitate the seamless integration of more credential providers, further expanding its ecosystem and making it easier for various stakeholders to participate.

This strategic launch and future roadmap underscore Privado ID’s commitment to revolutionizing digital identity verification and enhancing user privacy and security.

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