BitMEX Introduces New Basket Index for Top 10 Crypto Meme Coins

BitMEX Introduces New Basket Index for Top 10 Crypto Meme Coins

Derivatives exchange BitMEX has launched a new basket index product allowing traders to bet on popular meme coins. Trading for this product began on July 4 at 04:00 UTC, as announced on Thursday.

Responding to Meme Coin Popularity

The new offering from BitMEX is a response to the growing popularity of meme coins. These digital currencies, often based on humorous internet memes, have garnered significant attention on social media platforms. Creators often build excitement around these coins to inflate prices, with notable endorsements from figures like Elon Musk further boosting their popularity, particularly for Dogecoin.

Expanding BitMEX’s Trading Products

The introduction of the meme coin basket index is part of BitMEX’s broader strategy to expand its range of trading products. This follows other innovations such as BitMEX Options and the Bitcoin perpetual swap XBTUSD, which offers 250x leverage.

“Meme coins have seen incredible growth over the past year, and we’ve noticed a growing appetite from BitMEX users to get in on the action,” said BitMEX CEO Stephan Lutz. He acknowledged that the abundance of meme coins can overwhelm traders, making it challenging to navigate the market.

Details of the New Meme Coin Basket Index

The new index, likened to an S&P 500 for meme coins, bundles the top 10 meme coins to simplify trading. By consolidating multiple meme coins into a single index, BitMEX aims to generate liquidity, leading to more favorable trade executions. This product offers a less risky opportunity for retail traders, especially those wary of volatility. It is a USDT-margined linear perpetual swap supporting up to 25x leverage.

Maintaining the Index

The BitMEX Meme Basket Index bases its composition on the top 10 meme coins’ average prices, weighted by market capitalization. To keep the index aligned with the highest-performing meme coins, its constituents are adjusted monthly. BitMEX ensures transparency by disclosing changes to the index in advance.

Launch Celebration and Prize Pool

To celebrate the launch of the Meme Basket Index, BitMEX has announced a prize pool of up to 10,000 USDT for traders who utilize the new product.


BitMEX’s new basket index for meme coins represents an innovative step in expanding trading options. By catering to the growing interest in meme coins and offering a structured way to trade them, BitMEX continues to enhance its platform and provide unique opportunities for its users.

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