Big Law Firms and Banking Experts Venture into Crypto to Seize Lucrative Opportunities

Big Law Firms and Banking Experts Venture into Crypto to Seize Lucrative Opportunities

Big law firms and legal experts from major banks are making a strategic entry into the cryptocurrency industry, aiming to capitalize on its lucrative potential. Lawyers, attracted by the promise of financial rewards and the growing need for specialized legal counsel, are increasingly venturing into the crypto world, as highlighted in a recent report from Financial News.

Traditional Finance Embraces Crypto

The traditional finance sector has been steadily embracing cryptocurrencies, with major banks establishing in-house trading desks and offering spot Bitcoin ETFs. This acceptance has given the crypto sector newfound legitimacy, drawing lawyers eager to help firms navigate the increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

A Prime Opportunity for Legal Professionals

Marcus Hughes, the global head of regulatory strategy at Kraken, transitioned to the crypto industry in 2018 after nearly a decade in legal roles at Morgan Stanley. He believes that now is the opportune time for lawyers to enter what was once considered the wild frontier of finance. “Tradfi lawyers want to join crypto. I hear from them whenever I meet them,” he told Financial News. Lawyers see the crypto space as an opportunity to broaden their expertise beyond traditional financial sectors.

Financial Rewards and New Skill Sets

Lawyers are not only drawn to crypto for the chance to develop new skills but also for its significant financial rewards. For example, Kirkland & Ellis, the world’s largest law firm by revenue, earned over $120 million as lead counsel in the bankruptcy cases of crypto firms BlockFi, Celsius Network, and Voyager Digital. This amount far exceeded the $42 million it earned in the bankruptcy cases of WeWork and Rite Aid. Recognizing the growing demand for legal expertise in the crypto space, major law firms such as Latham & Watkins, Baker McKenzie, and Linklaters have established dedicated blockchain and crypto units.

Banking Experts Transition to Crypto

In-house legal experts at banks, asset managers, and hedge funds are also capitalizing on the increasing popularity of digital assets. The fast-paced nature of cryptocurrencies and growing institutional interest have prompted many lawyers with traditional finance backgrounds to transition into the crypto and digital asset space. London-based law firms, in particular, have shifted their focus to digital assets, with crypto law poised to become a practice area similar to data protection law.

Challenges and Risks in the Crypto Sector

While the prospects in the crypto sector are enticing, there are inherent risks and challenges. The volatility and controversies surrounding cryptocurrencies have led to the collapse of major players, underscoring the potential pitfalls for lawyers entering this domain. However, global initiatives to regulate crypto have instilled confidence in legal professionals, mitigating some concerns. Specialist crypto firms often offer higher salaries and equity growth to compensate for the additional risks involved.

Navigating the Complex Regulatory Landscape

Lawyers must adapt to the rapidly changing regulatory landscape and acquire technical knowledge of blockchain and crypto to effectively serve their clients. The borderless nature of crypto businesses and the diverse legal regimes governing digital assets across jurisdictions require lawyers to navigate intricate regulatory frameworks. Interpreting and understanding new laws and requirements for different types of crypto businesses can be particularly challenging due to the lack of established precedents.


As big law firms and banking experts venture into the crypto industry, they are poised to seize lucrative opportunities while navigating the complexities and risks inherent in this rapidly evolving sector. Their expertise will be crucial in guiding the crypto industry through regulatory challenges and fostering its continued growth and legitimacy.

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