Crypto Market Achieves Record Recovery Rate of 77% for Stolen Funds in Q2 2024

Crypto Market Achieves Record Recovery Rate of 77% for Stolen Funds in Q2 2024

The cryptocurrency market has demonstrated remarkable resilience, achieving a record recovery rate of 77% for stolen funds in the second quarter of 2024. According to Hacken’s Web3 Security Report for Q2 2024, $347.4 million of the $512.9 million lost to theft were successfully recovered or frozen.

“For the second consecutive quarter, the silver lining amid the alarming rate of theft in crypto is the amount of funds recovered,” the report stated. “This time, the industry managed to recover more than half of assets targeted by scammers and hackers.”

Decline in Crypto Hacks and Stolen Funds

The report also highlighted a decline in the number of hacks in Q2 2024 compared to the first quarter, with incidents dropping from 67 to 41. Despite this positive trend, financial losses remain a critical concern, with Q2 losses nearly matching the total losses for all of 2023.

Access control-related breaches were the most prevalent type of attack in Q2, resulting in the highest financial losses. The DMM Bitcoin incident alone accounted for a staggering $305 million loss, showcasing the severe impact of compromised security in centralized finance (CeFi) platforms. Other notable attack vectors included flash loan attacks, which accounted for $84.36 million, and rug pulls, resulting in $23.1 million in losses.

CeFi platforms, despite their perceived security, were not immune to significant breaches. The Rain Exchange hack, due to a failure in securing private keys, led to a loss of $14.8 million. Token projects have also been particularly susceptible to attacks, largely due to their rapid growth and the complex nature of smart contracts. Many new projects prioritize quick launches over thorough security audits, resulting in overlooked vulnerabilities.

Additionally, the sophistication of social engineering tactics has made it easier for attackers to gain access to critical administrative accounts and sensitive information.

Surge in Crypto Scams on X

Cryptocurrency scams have thrived on the social media platform X, with analysts attributing a significant portion of all crypto scams to scammers on the platform. Scam Sniffer, a web3 anti-scam company, revealed that nearly $50 million is lost each month due to account impersonation on

While these problems existed prior to Elon Musk’s involvement in the platform, the confusion surrounding the new owner’s controversial paid verification service may contribute to the continued vulnerability of the public to impersonation scams. The service allows anyone with a smartphone to register and receive verification, potentially making it harder to distinguish genuine accounts from fraudulent ones.

Recently, Binance co-founder Yi He raised concerns about the proliferation of cryptocurrency scams on X, questioning whether Musk would take action to tackle the issue. Rapper 50 Cent, known as Curtis Jackson, also fell victim to a hacking incident with his X account being used to promote a fraudulent meme coin based on the Solana blockchain.


The cryptocurrency market’s ability to recover a record 77% of stolen funds in Q2 2024 is a testament to its resilience and improving security measures. However, the significant financial losses and the ongoing threat of scams and hacks underscore the need for continued vigilance and robust security practices in the industry.

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