German Government Resumes Bitcoin Sell-Off Amid Price Dip, El Salvador Continues to HODL

German Government Resumes Bitcoin Sell-Off Amid Price Dip, El Salvador Continues to HODL

The German government has resumed its sell-off of seized Bitcoin assets as the cryptocurrency experiences a recent dip in value. As Europe’s largest economy, Germany began offloading parts of its significant Bitcoin stockpile, estimated to be worth around $3 billion, which was confiscated from the movie piracy website in 2020.

Germany’s Bitcoin Sell-Off

In January, German authorities seized 50,000 BTC from, marking it the most extensive Bitcoin seizure by law enforcement in Germany to date. Last week, Germany sold approximately $325 million worth of Bitcoin and indicated the possibility of further sales. Recently, the German government transferred 200 BTC to Coinbase and another 200 BTC to Kraken, fueling speculation about increased selling pressure on the market.

El Salvador’s Steady Accumulation

Contrary to Germany’s sell-off strategy, El Salvador continues to increase its Bitcoin holdings since adopting the cryptocurrency as legal tender in September 2021. The country currently holds about 5,748 BTC, valued at approximately $360 million. El Salvador’s Bitcoin accumulation strategy includes direct purchases, mining, and investments from foreign entrepreneurs seeking residency through the country’s crypto-friendly policies. The Salvadoran government, under President Nayib Bukele, maintains a policy of purchasing 1 BTC daily, showing a long-term commitment to HODLing Bitcoin despite market fluctuations. Bukele has been vocal about not selling the country’s Bitcoin holdings, even as their value has increased by more than 40%.

Bitcoin Price Dips Below $60,000

The German government’s Bitcoin sell-off coincides with a temporary drop in Bitcoin’s price, which briefly fell below the $60,000 mark. Adding to the market’s volatility is the impending distribution of Bitcoin owed to former customers of the defunct exchange Mt. Gox. This distribution, expected to start in July, could introduce up to 140,000 BTC into the market, valued at up to $9 billion. While some fear this influx could depress prices, others argue the impact may be mitigated as creditors have had years to sell their claims.

Market Sentiment and Investment Trends

Investor sentiment has been further dampened by pessimism over potential interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve. Digital asset investment products experienced a second consecutive week of outflows, totaling $584 million. Additionally, last week saw the lowest trading volumes on exchange-traded products (ETPs) globally since the launch of U.S. ETFs in January, with a total of just $6.9 billion traded.


The contrasting strategies of Germany and El Salvador highlight the differing approaches to Bitcoin amidst market fluctuations. While Germany continues to liquidate its seized assets, potentially adding selling pressure, El Salvador remains committed to its long-term accumulation strategy, reflecting confidence in Bitcoin’s future value. Meanwhile, market sentiment remains cautious as the industry navigates potential impacts from both governmental actions and institutional investment trends.

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