Top Crypto Gainers Today on DEXScreener: SLUMBO, NCAT, BABYWOLF Shine Amidst Blue-Chip Struggles

Top Crypto Gainers Today on DEXScreener: SLUMBO, NCAT, BABYWOLF Shine Amidst Blue-Chip Struggles

As blue-chip cryptocurrencies face challenges, with Bitcoin (BTC) dropping into the mid-$63,000s amidst ETF outflows, miner sell pressure, and potential German government sell-offs, investors are turning to the highly volatile and illiquid micro-cap markets in search of significant gains. While Bitcoin and major altcoins remain stuck in multi-month ranges, volatility-seeking traders are flocking to the always lively micro-cap markets.

Micro-cap markets, characterized by on-chain crypto trading where anyone can issue and trade tokens without restrictions, are becoming a hotspot. New coins are launched daily on blockchains like Ethereum and Solana. Though most are scams or pump-and-dumps with little long-term value, some trending tokens can post gains of 100 or even 1,000x. Conversely, tokens can also become worthless instantly, especially if a rug-pull occurs.

Here are some top crypto gainers today on DEXScreener that traders are keeping an eye on:

Slumbo (SLUMBO)

Slumbo (SLUMBO), a newly launched Solana meme coin, has surged over 69,000% today according to DEXScreener. The token’s market cap is approximately $2.7 million, with locked liquidity of around $130,000.

Despite its small market cap indicating room for growth, SLUMBO is likely just another pump-and-dump like many newly launched meme coins. Investors should exercise caution.

Baby Landwolf (BABYWOLF)

Baby Wolf (BABYWOLF), a recently launched Base meme coin, has climbed 4,600% as per DEXScreener. However, the token has fallen over 50% from session highs, with a market cap of just $85,000.

While this meme coin might not have a promising future, its low market cap could result in significant gains for early investors. Due diligence is crucial for those considering investments in micro-cap meme coins.


NCAT, another new Solana meme coin, has risen 4,600% since launch, with a market cap of around $17 million according to DEXScreener. Despite its impressive gains, the coin’s liquidity is only $90,000, suggesting that minimal sell pressure could lead to a significant price drop.

The red flags are evident, with NCAT’s community on DEXScreener expressing distrust. With 163 users voting the red flag emoji and 87 voting the poo emoji, this coin is likely a scam.

Crypto Alternatives to Consider

Instead of investing in potentially scammy micro-cap meme coins, investors might consider meme coin presale investing. Analysts at monitor the presale market closely and have compiled a list of meme coin presales with substantial potential.


As the blue-chip crypto market faces challenges, the micro-cap markets offer opportunities for high-risk, high-reward investments. SLUMBO, BABYWOLF, and NCAT are today’s top gainers on DEXScreener, but investors should proceed with caution and conduct thorough research. Considering presale investments in meme coins might be a safer alternative for those looking to diversify their crypto portfolios.

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