VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF Debuts on Australian Exchange with $1.3M Inflows on First Day

VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF Debuts on Australian Exchange with $1.3M Inflows on First Day

Investment management firm VanEck’s first spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) made a notable debut on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), attracting $1.3 million in inflows on its first day of trading. The ETF, trading under the ticker “VBTC,” launched with AUD 982.85K (approximately USD 655.56K) in assets and carries a management fee of 0.59%. This ETF marks the first Bitcoin ETF to be listed on Australia’s main exchange, offering investors direct exposure to Bitcoin without needing to purchase the cryptocurrency itself.

Initial Performance and Market Comparison

Despite its significant debut, the initial inflows for VanEck’s ETF are modest compared to larger markets. For instance, BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF, trading under the ticker “IBIT,” saw a massive $1 billion trading volume on its first day back in January. Laurent Kssis, an independent board member of Issuance Swiss AG, remarked that the $1.3 million inflow for VBTC is relatively small. He noted that previous Bitcoin exposure products had attracted larger inflows shortly after their listing, but the classification as an ETF brings more transparency, clarity, and lower management fees, which is beneficial for institutional investors seeking better products and clarity.

Historical Context and Regulatory Background

Australia’s venture into Bitcoin and Ether ETFs began in 2022 with the listing of crypto ETFs by Cosmos Asset Management and 21Shares AG, in partnership with ETF Securities, on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). The launch of VanEck’s spot bitcoin ETF follows thorough deliberation and approval processes by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), emphasizing the regulatory body’s cautious approach to integrating digital assets into traditional finance.

Impact on the Financial Market

The introduction of the spot bitcoin ETF in Australia is a significant step in bridging traditional finance and the burgeoning crypto sector. Unlike derivatives-based crypto ETFs, which use financial instruments like futures contracts to replicate Bitcoin’s price, spot bitcoin ETFs directly hold Bitcoins. This fundamental difference provides a more straightforward investment vehicle for those looking to gain direct exposure to the cryptocurrency.


VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF launch on the ASX represents a critical development in the integration of digital assets within the traditional financial system. While the initial inflows may seem modest compared to larger markets, the launch provides institutional investors with a transparent, cost-effective product to gain exposure to Bitcoin, paving the way for further adoption and integration of cryptocurrency-based financial products in Australia.

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