Singapore MAS Identifies High Money Laundering Risks in Crypto Tokens and Services

Singapore MAS Identifies High Money Laundering Risks in Crypto Tokens and Services

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has published a new money laundering risk assessment report, designating crypto tokens and service providers as β€œhigh risk” within the financial sector.

Rising Concerns over Crypto-Related Money Laundering

The report highlights an increase in reported cases involving digital payment tokens (DPTs), illustrating various ways these tokens can be exploited for illicit activities. This growing concern comes in the wake of Singapore’s most severe money laundering incident in September 2023, where $3.8 million worth of cryptocurrency was withdrawn from the Binance account of a suspect while in remand.

Angela Ang, TRM’s Senior Policy Advisor and former MAS Deputy Director, emphasized the unprecedented scale of the case, noting, “The inclusion of cryptos in laundering efforts shows how crypto increasingly features as a component in large financial crime cases.”

MAS Tightens Regulatory Oversight on Crypto Sector

In response to these risks, MAS has intensified its regulatory oversight of the crypto industry. In April, the authority implemented stricter regulations aimed at promoting the productive use of blockchain technology while mitigating money laundering risks. These regulatory amendments, developed over several years, seek to clarify key aspects of the crypto ecosystem.

Close Monitoring and Proactive Measures

Despite the fact that digital payment token activities in Singapore account for only a small percentage of global activities, the nation’s authorities are vigilant in monitoring the associated risks. Besides DPTs, payment institutions offering cross-border money transfer services are also considered to pose a higher money-laundering risk.

MAS remains committed to reviewing and implementing appropriate measures to address these identified risks. The regulatory changes introduced in April focus on enhancing anti-money laundering (AML) protocols for crypto entities, with the dual aim of ensuring user protection and maintaining financial stability.


The MAS’s latest report underscores the high money laundering risks associated with crypto tokens and services, reflecting the evolving nature of financial crimes involving digital assets. Singapore’s proactive stance and regulatory adjustments are aimed at curbing these risks while fostering a secure and stable crypto environment.

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