Global ETF Market Projected to Hit $35 Trillion by 2035, Analyst Predicts

Global ETF Market Projected to Hit $35 Trillion by 2035, Analyst Predicts

The global Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) market is poised for significant growth over the next decade, with assets expected to reach $35 trillion by 2035. This projection, which anticipates the market more than doubling from its current $13 trillion, comes from Eric Balchunas, Senior ETF Analyst for Binance.

Balchunas shared his insights on X, highlighting the ongoing attractiveness of ETFs: “[ETFs] low-costs, intra-day liquidity, tax efficiency, flexibility, etc., will continue to attract investor cash (and traders’ volume), resulting in more new products, innovative designs, and more salespeople.”

The forecast is based on a conservative 10% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), a notable reduction from the 17% and 25% rates observed over the past two decades. Despite potentially lower market returns compared to previous highs, the appeal of ETFs is expected to remain robust, driven in part by the adoption of spot crypto ETFs, which add new dimensions of diversity and advantage to the market.

The Role of Spot Crypto ETFs

Spot crypto ETFs, which track the price of specific cryptocurrencies and invest portfolio funds into those assets, are gaining traction. These funds trade on public exchanges and offer investors a convenient way to include cryptocurrencies in their standard brokerage accounts. The inclusion of spot crypto ETFs is expected to enhance the attractiveness and diversity of ETFs in general, drawing significant investor funds and trading activity.

Market Expansion and Innovation

The projected growth in the ETF market is likely to spur increased competition and innovation, leading to the development of creative new ETF concepts. Both traditional and crypto ETFs are expected to benefit from this expansion.

Moreover, the market’s growth could intersect with the burgeoning field of asset tokenization. Although tokenization is not expected to disrupt the ETF market immediately due to current interoperability challenges, its gradual acceptance could eventually complement ETFs, enhancing their functionality and contributing to the market’s expansion.

Future Outlook

While the integration of asset tokenization remains in its infancy, its potential long-term impact on financial institutions and the ETF market cannot be overlooked. As these technologies gain traction, they could further bolster the global ETF market, supporting Balchunas’ projection of $35 trillion by 2035.

In summary, the ETF market’s anticipated growth, driven by ongoing innovation and the inclusion of crypto ETFs, positions it for a remarkable expansion over the next decade, potentially reaching unprecedented levels by 2035.

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