Report: Bitcoin Sees Surge in Short-Term Investors

Report: Bitcoin Sees Surge in Short-Term Investors

A recent Bitfinex Alpha report highlights a notable shift in Bitcoin (BTC) ownership patterns, revealing a surge in short-term investors driven by the rising popularity of spot Bitcoin ETFs, while long-term holders continue to exhibit confidence in the market.

Increase in Short-Term Bitcoin Investments

The crypto market has witnessed a significant uptick in short-term Bitcoin investments. These investors, typically holding BTC for less than 155 days, have markedly increased their activity. Their combined holdings soared from 2.2 million BTC in January to over 3.4 million BTC by mid-April, reflecting nearly a 55% increase.

This surge is largely attributed to the growing influence of spot Bitcoin ETFs. The rise in short-term holders signifies substantial investment activity concentrated near the current market price, although this also introduces potential volatility and price fluctuations due to their transient nature.

Dynamics Between Short-Term and Long-Term Holders

According to the Bitfinex Alpha report, the increase in short-term Bitcoin holders underscores a robust investment wave fueled by the advent and growing popularity of spot Bitcoin ETFs. While the number of short-term holders has risen steadily due to new market entrants, the Bitcoin price has remained relatively stable as older coins are redistributed.

Currently, the supply held by short-term holders is approximately 3.3 million BTC, a slight decrease from the mid-April peak. This decline followed a market correction in March after Bitcoin hit its all-time high, suggesting a market reset where the $60,000-70,000 range may become the new price floor, similar to how $10,000 became a base in 2020.

Long-Term Holders’ Bullish Sentiment

Conversely, long-term Bitcoin holders are showcasing a strong bullish sentiment. After Bitcoin reached a new all-time high of $73,666 in March, many long-term holders sold significant amounts of their BTC. However, recent data indicates that this selling trend has ceased, and long-term holders are now beginning to accumulate Bitcoin again.

The amount of Bitcoin held by investors for over a year has remained almost unchanged, highlighting that these investments are being held rather than traded. Notably, only about 0.03% of the supply held by long-term investors consists of coins purchased at prices higher than the current spot price. In the early stages of a bull market, it’s typical for long-term investors to hold onto their profitable positions.

Accumulation by Bitcoin Whales

Bitcoin whales, or large holders, are also accumulating Bitcoin at a rate reminiscent of the pre-2020 bull run, leading to a new historical high in their Bitcoin balances. This accumulation trend among whales further reinforces the bullish outlook for Bitcoin.


The recent Bitfinex Alpha report reveals a dynamic shift in Bitcoin ownership, with a surge in short-term investors driven by spot Bitcoin ETFs and enduring confidence among long-term holders. As the market adjusts, these patterns suggest a complex interplay between transient investments and steadfast long-term holdings, potentially shaping Bitcoin’s future price trajectory.

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