Bitcoin ETFs Witness Continuous Net Inflows, Surpassing $4.7 Billion

Bitcoin ETFs Witness Continuous Net Inflows, Surpassing $4.7 Billion

Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have sustained their positive momentum, recording a total net inflow of $477 million on February 15th, marking the 15th consecutive trading day of positive net inflows.

Data from SoSoValue reveals that while the Grayscale ETF, GBTC, experienced a net outflow of $174 million for the day, other ETFs continued to attract significant investments. BlackRock’s Bitcoin spot ETF, IBIT, emerged as the market leader with a daily net inflow of $330 million, pushing its historical net inflow to an impressive $5.17 billion.

The surge in investor confidence was highlighted on February 13th, which witnessed the highest single-day net inflow of $631.2 million. The cumulative net inflow for Bitcoin ETFs has now surpassed $4.7 billion, underscoring sustained interest in Bitcoin as an investment asset.

Despite fluctuations, BlackRock’s IBIT and Grayscale’s GBTC remain dominant in daily trading volume. Fidelity’s FBTC follows closely, boasting a net inflow of $3.65 billion and ranking third in daily trading volume.

Net inflow in the context of ETFs represents the total value of cash and securities flowing into the fund minus the value flowing out. A positive net inflow signifies increased investment into the ETF compared to withdrawals, signaling growing investor confidence and demand.

Significantly, the substantial net inflows into Bitcoin ETFs are perceived as a positive indicator for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. They reflect heightened institutional and retail investment through regulated financial products, indicating a maturing and increasingly mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin as a viable investment option.

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