Crypto Whales Inject $120 Million into Ripple (XRP), Sparking Potential Price Rally

Crypto Whales Inject $120 Million into Ripple (XRP), Sparking Potential Price Rally

Overview: Ripple (XRP) has seen its price surge to $0.56 on Feb. 15, but the relatively subdued growth compared to other top-10 cryptocurrencies has drawn attention from crypto whales. With significant investments pouring in, XRP bulls are poised to react to this intriguing market dynamic in the coming days.

XRP’s Undervalued Status: Despite the overall crypto market witnessing a 30% growth, with Layer-1 coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and Avalanche (AVAX) leading the charge, XRP’s 8% growth over the same period suggests it may be undervalued. While XRP has shown a positive performance, it lags behind its counterparts in the top-10 rankings, signaling potential for investor interest to shift towards XRP.

Strategic Moves by Crypto Whales: On-chain metrics reveal that whale investors are strategically positioning themselves to capitalize on XRP’s perceived undervaluation. Data indicates a significant accumulation of XRP by whale wallets, with a staggering acquisition of 220 million coins within just 5 days, totaling approximately $121 million at current prices. Such substantial inflows by whales typically precede price rallies, indicating a bullish sentiment among large investors.

Potential for Price Rally: As XRP trails behind other top performers in the market, there’s an opportunity for it to catch up, with a 7% increase from $0.55 to $0.60 aligning it with the market average. Technical analysis suggests resistance at the $0.57 20-day SMA, but intensified buying pressure from bullish whales could propel XRP towards the $0.60 mark. However, a downside risk exists if XRP fails to maintain support above $0.45, with a notable buy-wall anticipated at $0.49.

Conclusion: With crypto whales strategically accumulating XRP and market dynamics hinting at its undervaluation, the stage is set for a potential price rally in the near term. Whether XRP can breach key resistance levels and reach $0.60 depends on the sustained bullish momentum and investor sentiment in the coming days.

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