Despite $126 Million Lost in January Crypto Hacks, AMLBot CEO Sees Improving Security Measures

Despite $126 Million Lost in January Crypto Hacks, AMLBot CEO Sees Improving Security Measures


January 2024 witnessed a significant surge in losses due to web3 hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in smart contract codes of various crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. AMLBot Co-Founder and CEO Slava Demchuk revealed that the total amount lost in attacks on DeFi platforms exceeded $126 million last month, with incidents stemming from vulnerabilities like multi-sig wallet compromises and loan attack vectors.

Major Hack on Orbit Bridge:

One of the notable breaches in January targeted Orbit Bridge, a cross-chain protocol that incurred losses exceeding $80 million. Ozys, the South Korea-based company behind the protocol, suspects the involvement of a former employee in the attack. These incidents highlight the ongoing challenges faced by the crypto industry in terms of security.

Positive Trend in Cybersecurity:

Despite the notable losses, Demchuk emphasized that the overall trend in the industry suggests improvement in cybersecurity. He pointed out that the decline in illegal digital asset activities indicates a positive shift. A recent Chainalysis report also supported this claim, noting a 39% reduction in stolen wealth transactions via cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks.

Complex Nature of Blockchain Security:

Demchuk explained that the decentralized nature of blockchain technology adds complexity, requiring continuous enhancement of security protocols to manage risks effectively. He highlighted instances where projects fall short of industry-standard security measures, and hackers devise innovative strategies to bypass existing safeguards.

Key Areas for Tackling Digital Currency-Related Crime:

To combat digital currency-related crime, Demchuk identified two crucial areas: real-time transaction monitoring and increased collaboration among global law enforcement agencies. He stressed the importance of better communication between crypto exchanges, wallet providers, and blockchain developers to facilitate the timely sharing of threats and suspicious activities.

Vision for Future Security:

AMLBot’s CEO expressed optimism that increased collaboration and communication within the cryptocurrency industry would contribute to a comprehensive security infrastructure over time. He emphasized the gradual attainment of comprehensive security as the industry continues to evolve.


While crypto and DeFi platforms face ongoing challenges with security vulnerabilities and hacking incidents, the industry is actively working towards improving its security measures. The collaboration between stakeholders, enhanced monitoring, and continuous efforts to strengthen protocols are crucial elements in building a more secure environment for digital assets.

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