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Crypto Assets Witness $708 Million Inflows Last Week; Bitcoin and Solana Lead Surge

Introduction: In a significant development, crypto-linked investment products observed the second-largest inflow of 2024 last week, totaling $708 million. Bitcoin played a dominant role, representing nearly 99% of the inflows. The U.S. market accounted for $721 million in total inflows, with the introduction of fresh ETFs contributing $1.7 billion.

Bitcoin ETF Trends: Research by CoinShares highlighted that spot Bitcoin ETFs consistently attracted an average of $1.9 billion in capital over the past month. Since their approval, these ETFs have accumulated a substantial $7.7 billion in total inflows. Despite this surge, established funds like Grayscale and ProShares witnessed a withdrawal of $6 billion, although recent data indicates a noticeable slowdown in these outflows.

Bitcoin Dominance and Positive Trends: Bitcoin maintained its dominance in the inflow charts, securing $703 million, which constitutes 99% of the total investment flow. Interestingly, products betting against Bitcoin experienced a modest withdrawal of $5.3 million, aligning with positive shifts in its price trends.

Solana’s Notable Performance: Among alternative cryptocurrencies, Solana emerged as a standout performer, attracting $13 million in inflows. This surpasses other major players like Ethereum and Avalanche, which experienced withdrawals of $6.4 million and $1.3 million, respectively, within the same timeframe.

Conclusion: The surge in crypto asset inflows, driven primarily by Bitcoin and complemented by Solana, indicates sustained investor interest in the market. The dominance of spot Bitcoin ETFs underscores their popularity and acceptance, contributing significantly to the overall investment landscape in the crypto sector.

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