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Stellar Development Foundation Delays Protocol 20 Upgrade Due to Bug, Gains Community Support

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has postponed the Protocol 20 upgrade of the Stellar blockchain, originally scheduled for January 30, after discovering a bug in Stellar Core v20.1.0. The bug affects Soroban transactions, particularly in fee-bumped refunds, redirecting them incorrectly. Although classified as low risk, the SDF prioritizes network integrity and has decided to disarm its validators to address the bug before proceeding with the upgrade.

The decision to delay the vote allows other validators on the network, not governed by the SDF, to decide whether to vote for the Protocol 20 upgrade as initially planned. The SDF expresses its readiness to coordinate with validators to set a new vote date once the bug is fixed, emphasizing the collaborative nature of decision-making on the Stellar network.

The SDF has been actively contributing to the Stellar ecosystem, launching a $100 million fund in October 2022 to attract developers to Soroban, Stellar’s smart contract platform. Tyler van der Hoeven, a core developer at Stellar, indicates that Protocol 20 will be a phased rollout with a gradual and thoughtful implementation process.

The Stellar community has responded supportively to the SDF’s decision, acknowledging the minimal risk of the bug and commending the careful approach to the Soroban upgrade. Despite these developments, the market response to Stellar’s native token XLM has been stable, trading at $0.1144 with slight fluctuations and maintaining a market capitalization of around $3.29 billion. This stability reflects market confidence in Stellar amid significant technical updates.

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