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Anthony Scaramucci Predicts Bitcoin Could Surge to $170K Post-Halving

Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital and former White House communications director, shared an optimistic outlook for Bitcoin’s future on The Wolf Of All Streets Podcast. Scaramucci suggested that Bitcoin could experience a “conservative” increase of over 300% following the halving, potentially reaching $170,000 in the coming months.

Scaramucci, drawing on historical data, pointed out that Bitcoin’s peak tends to occur approximately 18 months after a halving event. He predicts a “cycle top” that is four times higher than its halving price, estimating a $170,000 valuation after the upcoming halving in April.

Explaining his methodology, Scaramucci said, “Review Bitcoin halving cycles – the day it halves, multiply by four, 18 months later, and it consistently reflects Bitcoin’s price.” He provided examples, stating that if Bitcoin is at $35,000 during the halving and reaches $50,000 in April, it could potentially climb to $200,000. If it starts at $60,000, the projection is $240,000.

Looking further ahead, Scaramucci expressed a long-term vision for Bitcoin, foreseeing it approaching half of gold’s market capitalization. With gold at $14.5 trillion, he suggested that if Bitcoin reaches $7 or $8 trillion, it could achieve a 10x increase, translating to a $400,000 Bitcoin.

Scaramucci emphasized the importance of understanding Bitcoin as a store of value and advocated for having a position in it. Currently valued at $42,540, Bitcoin has shown resilience amid market fluctuations, with its long-term potential gaining recognition. The recent approval of several Bitcoin spot ETFs further indicates growing acceptance and popularity.

In the context of the broader market, Bitcoin’s price has experienced volatility since the SEC’s approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs. While some experts predict significant price jumps, others believe that the initial hype around ETFs has subsided, and attention has shifted elsewhere.

Despite the recent drop in Bitcoin’s price, some investors remain optimistic, forecasting a potential surge to over $100,000 this year. The approval of ETFs, with offerings from BlackRock and Fidelity, has contributed to swift trading volumes and market enthusiasm. However, market dynamics continue to evolve, and investors closely monitor developments in the crypto space.

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