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University of Birmingham Research Suggests Blockchain May Not Be Necessary in Many Cases

New research conducted by the University of Birmingham indicates that, in a majority of cases, the utilization of blockchain technology may not be essential. Dr. Joseph Preece, a computer scientist at the University of Birmingham, led the study, emphasizing potential pitfalls in the decision-making process related to blockchain adoption.

The study, particularly focusing on Blockchain Decision Schemes (BDSs) used by businesses for guidance, revealed concerns about the prevalence of biased Flow Chart BDSs (FC-BDSs) that businesses consult when deciding whether to implement blockchain. Dr. Preece highlighted the need for future FC-BDS developments to rectify this imbalance and present a fairer representation of scenarios where blockchain is genuinely required.

While acknowledging the potency of blockchain technology, Dr. Preece expressed reservations about the current decision-making tools, stating that they may not be as reliable as the advice provided by domain experts. The research found an abundance of FC-BDSs, many of which exhibit inherent biases, skewing recommendations against blockchain adoption.

Dr. Joseph Preece suggested that these decision schemes often lean toward avoiding blockchain, potentially leading to unnecessary blockchain usage when alternative solutions could be just as effective or even superior.

This study comes at a time when blockchain technology is being scrutinized for its practicality and applicability in various industries. The findings underscore the importance of refining decision-making tools to ensure accurate guidance on whether blockchain is genuinely warranted in specific use cases.

In a related development, the bankruptcy of Australian blockchain startup Lygon, which was once seen as a significant player in the future of banking, highlights the challenges and uncertainties in the blockchain industry, even among projects backed by prominent supporters from major financial institutions.

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