Beware of Deceptive Game Download Scam Targeting Web3 Developers

Beware of Deceptive Game Download Scam Targeting Web3 Developers

A sophisticated game download scam has come to light, revealing the evolving tactics of fraudsters targeting web3 game developers. The scam initiated with a direct message from a now-deactivated X account, @ameliachicel, offering a job opportunity for a Solidity position in a web3 game called MythIsland. The detailed information about the game was hosted on a seemingly legitimate website, mythisland[.]io, featuring impressive graphics and functioning links, along with doxxed team members, lending an air of credibility to the project.

The scam gained attention when a freelance developer, 0xMario, fell victim to it and shared the details in a viral tweet. Several other users subsequently reported similar scams. The conversation with the scammers moved to Telegram, where detailed discussions about the game and the job opportunity unfolded, including introductions to other supposed ‘team members.’

As part of the scam, the developer was instructed to download a game launcher to experience an alpha version of MythIsland. Caution prevailed as the developer chose to run the launcher on a virtual Windows machine. While the launcher appeared legitimate with professional graphics and standard user interface elements, an error message requesting an update to the .NET Framework raised suspicions.

Upon reporting the issue to the scam group, the developer was advised to try another Windows machine. Encountering the same error on an old ThinkPad, the scammers erased all chats and blocked the developer, presumably realizing the difficulty in compromising the machines used.

The incident highlights the importance of warnings from blockchain security firms, urging extreme caution when downloading files, especially executables and scripts. The recommended practice is to use a virtual machine or an expendable computer for such downloads or to opt for secure methods like Google Docs for document transfers. Developers are urged to remain vigilant against deceptive tactics employed by scammers targeting the web3 ecosystem.

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