Jannat Ara

Proposed Congressional Crypto Reforms for 2024

The beginning of the year marks a time for resolutions and fresh starts, not just for individuals but also for Congress. As the world of cryptocurrency gains momentum, there are crucial areas where legislative action could shape the landscape positively. Here are five key reforms that Congress should consider in the realm of crypto for the year ahead.

Firstly, Congress should explicitly prohibit the Federal Reserve from creating or implementing a central bank digital currency (CBDC). Amending the Federal Reserve Act to restrict such actions would bring clarity and set distinct boundaries regarding the issuance of a CBDC.

Secondly, Congress ought to establish oversight mechanisms to ensure the Federal Reserve adheres to cost recovery requirements for its initiatives. By amending relevant laws and introducing audits, transparency and accountability within the Federal Reserve’s activities can be bolstered.

Thirdly, clarifying the definition of “legal tender” is paramount. This reform aims to dispel misconceptions surrounding the term, emphasizing that private entities aren’t obliged to accept U.S. currency except for specified purposes like taxes and contracts.

Fourthly, safeguarding the use of self-hosted wallets in cryptocurrency transactions is crucial. Congress should bar government agencies from restricting transactions conducted through self-hosted wallets without a warrant. This move aims to protect privacy rights and prevent undue intrusion into digital currency ownership.

Lastly, removing exceptions from the Right to Financial Privacy Act is vital. Doing so would strengthen financial privacy by requiring law enforcement and governmental bodies to obtain warrants for accessing citizens’ financial records.

Each of these reforms addresses fundamental issues in the crypto landscape, offering clarity, privacy protection, and checks on governmental powers. While these changes might appear substantial, their implementation could significantly contribute to a more regulated, secure, and transparent crypto environment if adopted by Congress.

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